You must keep exotic animals as pets?

Exotic animals is one that is outside the range of farm and domestic animals that veterinarians normally treated. An exotic animal can be anything from a squirrel running from tree jaguar stalking its neighbor to the South American jungle.

However, all these animals have one thing in common. They make terrible pets. The main reason is ignorance. The relationship between man and these animals has always been limited. We just do not know much about their needs and requirements. Too many people buy an exotic pet, with only a vague idea of ​​what your diet should consist of, what should have shelter what exercise you need and what their habits.

This can lead to unpleasant surprises, such as the discovery that your new pet is a nocturnal animal that roams around my house, getting into trouble, while the family sleeps. This lack of knowledge extends to the vets themselves, as they will be the first to admit.

Veterinary knowledge of the diseases of these animals is incomplete because not that many opportunities to study. In addition, some animal diseases are zoonotic, ie transmissible to humans. Veterinary knowledge in this area of ​​exotic animal medicine is also incomplete. Your veterinarian can not only be able to identify the illness of his exotic pet, but also may be unable to say whether it can infect.

Another point against exotic pet ownership is unfair to the simple to the animal. You are placing the animal in a natural environment where their race instincts and skills, developed as an aid to survival for thousands of years, do not apply. The animal can not adapt to change, so they can react when withdrawn or aggressive.


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