The World Series of Poker - Let the Games Begin

In recent days the game of poker was reserved for dimly
lit bars and back rooms filled with smoke. Times
have changed. Poker has become nationally recognized as
a game, not an excuse to fight bar-fights. Millions
follow the World Series of Poker.

Initially, the World Series of Poker was an event in
Las Vegas mainly to draw publicity. Now the World Series
Poker is televised nationally, and has huge crowds as
games progress. There's even been the best selling books
written about the World Series of Poker.

He's not a bad guy, threatening, World Series
poker attracts the interest of all. Men and women
alike are fascinated by people like Mike "The Mouth"
Matusow, who recently won $ 1,000,000.00 at the tournament
of Champions in Las Vegas. This tournament began with 114
players. The final table lasted more than eleven hours.
Phil Hellmuth, Mike gave a race close to being the second
top of chips from the second day of the tournament.

There are a variety of influences and personalities
those who play the World Series of Poker. Everything from
cowboy type, to Rene Angelil, who is the manager of the
international diva, Celine Dion has made the world
series of poker. The variety of types of people
reach the World Series of Poker is not limited to
the old days the perception of evil of gambling.

One of the oldest legends and get to know more poker
play in the 2005 World Series of poker was Doyle Brunson
Brunson poker career with a 50, is perhaps the most
widely known professional poker player. Unfortunately
and surprisingly Brunson was eliminated on the second day
playing in the tournament of champions.

Steve Dannenmann a modest 39-year-old CPA and mortgage
corridor Severn, Maryland got the attention of the poker
world, surviving players in the 5617 main event at the
2005 World Series of Poker (WSOP). It was in one hand
of the championship, but fell to second place
Joseph Hachem finisher. When asked about his accomplishments
and earning $ 4,250,000 in prize money, Dannemann is
reserved. He says it's just the luck of playing with it
many great players. However, as demonstrated by its participation
in the 2005 Wolrd Series of Poker, Dannemann smoothly
hides a great talent in tournament poker.

The World Series of Poker is a fascinating event and the
2006 World Series of Poker promises to showcase
world-class talent and excitement. Be sure to take a look.


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