Two reactions Presidential Debate - Live Blogging

Obama is stiff to talk to people, while McCain is tired and confused. Both attacks are still using far more than expected given the strongly expressed desire to hear solutions.

Obama calls for a line-item veto and posing as a fiscal conservative. The 68 million hectares of unused oil in them are not. Senator Obama. Why none of these guys is to defend the Pickens Plan is beyond me. He is the only one not demagoguing the issue.

McCain completely avoids the question of sacrifice. Obama suggests an updated version of thePeace Body. The problem is to justify and U.S. funds to volunteer abroad. Why not suggest another Civilian Conservation Corps, but for the reconstruction of the infrastructure? Bridges, roads, schools and hospitals need dollars of construction, instead of dollars going overseas.

Here's an idea that has not thought: tax incentives for companies must be accompanied by a cap on executive pay in up to 20 times that of the frontline workers.

McCain thinks it's a good idea to have a commission to save Social Security! That's not a new and useful idea.

Both are boasting of how they tried to do things that do not. Obama wrote letters and no one answered!. This is not a reason to support the idea that there should be president.

You must declare that all assignments must be published in spreadsheets easier to read before each bill, with the sponsor and benefactor and totals kept with tax revenues shown in his district. In this way we see it is getting more than its fair share of pork, and congressional districts should fund their own projects without having to send money to Washington to complete Turna and receive it.

Brokaw does an excellent question in a Manhattan Project for energy. , Especially with the Department of Defense is the number one user of energy in the world.

Obama should emphasize the idea of ​​bringing the troops home as an economy measure and not just a foreign policy perspective. Brokaw maintains order in the debate, and had a bit of courage.

Obama dominated McCain on the issue of health. Tonight will be remembered as the night's health became a right and not a liability. Obama hit it out of the park with swing voters. We must not harass an old woman dying of cancer. It is unworthy. Attempts McCain's folksy humor seem to fall flat.

In McCain's foreign policy comes to life, like an old war horse, but Obama nails the response through the development of Iraq as an economic issue. Obama leads McCain a real advantage. Obama is eloquent on the importance of moral obligation, while McCain is solid.

McCain is rude, pride goeth before the fall. He can not believe he is losing this guy. Obama sees the award at this time and will be enormous pressure on him. I do not envy and ask about their health and the trial. I think tonight won the presidency.

McCain left early in the funk, not shaking hands with Obama and that is saying much. Obama stayed late after talking with people in the crowd and that's more important than what has been said.

I am disappointed that Obama believes that Osama Bin Laden is our biggest national security challenge: Russia, China, resources, Georgia, Iran, North Koreanare all serious problems. Nobody cares about Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers. They're seeing the country go down the drain and McCain promises as usual.


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