Road to victory for America and the Republican Party

We must promote and be united as the left side seems to be unified in many areas and have their candidate. Republicans will now be divided on many issues and neither candidate seems willing to pull away or energy to the party. I've said many times "The road to victory for the GOP is through the conservative right," the true base of the party. If you alienate them, will be a small chance of victory and if we do, then we need to seek an alternative plan to keep the White House. We must also ask: Are we in favor of true Republican values ​​and possibly losing the '08 election, but winning at first by supporting a lesser known candidate in the upcoming elections and regain our base and the address goes back more than a moderate a liberal candidate, trying to influence the Democrats win the White House and hope that our Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives and the Senate can have a bit on the line. That is what we need to respond.

As it stands now is that running candidate who can excite the conservative right? We can quickly discard the "Big Four", Romney, McCain and Giuliani, and Thompson lesser extent. They all have their weaknesses. What the American Christian conscience or moral that they want their leader to support the career choice, gay rights, which appears in the resistance? And Christian conservatives out to vote for a Mormon who has flip flopped on abortion rights and homosexuality and has written letters to the Log Cabin Republicans support their cause?

On the other hand the leading Democratic candidates have kept their liberal base in tact to attend a debate organized by Gay - Lesbian - Bi and Trans gender, but "The Big Four" arrogance snubbed its core, by not accepting an invitation to a discussion on values ​​Florida voters further away from the conservative right and make it an even tougher sell to energize this base as needed.

So what are some of the variables and possibilities of the Republicans keep the White House?

I will start with Rudy Giuliani. As mentioned above, it will attract the conservative right, but what is in their favor is eligibility with the Democrats. He was elected mayor in a very democratic city. Your choice for and acceptance of homosexual lifestyle feel good about the liberal left. You can also play in 911 and his presence during it and get the support of veterans because of his stance on the Iraq war. Prosecutor has lowered taxes, which sits well with everyone.

McCain is someone who can take the votes of Democrats who feel alienated by their party has drifted so far to the left. Next to Hillary, Kucinich and the rest of the liberals, its great stability, calm behavior will do well. And compared with others in the Republican Party is the middle of the road. President McCain appears as very moderate. What we lost in Vietnam veterans and conservative votes that can be made up elsewhere.

People know little other than Fred Thompson who was in the Law and Order. Most do not even know he was a senator from Tennessee. That resonates well with his talk American Pro, supporting the efforts of the troops and the war in Iraq. Your eligibility depends on balancing the conservative right as I feel a few Democrats who jump ship to vote for him.

As for Mitt Romney even though it may be leading in some polls really do not know where their votes will come from. The left will feel slighted that again continued its support of liberal causes and the right to be questioning Mitt think? Is that right or left? I think he is the least electable of all the candidates.

As for the lesser-known candidates running on the Republican side, few have the chance to win. It is unfortunate that the Republican Party has abandoned. This is where the Republican Party is the true one. By far the best candidate of all is Allen Keyes. United States is looking for no nonsense, patriotic bulldog that will not compromise their beliefs, so they have that type of person Allen Keyes and yet not back the party. He is on the way to the elite of the party and goes against the status quo. The line will always remember, I think it was in the 96 Republican debate was when the candidates were trying to make an argument without. Allen Keyes spoke and said: "I am a black conservative Catholic, how much more of an intruder can gain"? His true people and yet not support it.

About the only two others who can possibly reach a surprising victory was Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. Huckabee wants all votes conservative right hand down. He would do well to discuss any of the Democrats, that would make them look even more to the left of center, if possible.

That leaves Ron Paul. Would pick up the votes conservatives, liberals and libertarians. Liberal votes? YES! His stance against the war would pull Hillary jump on the war and their professional and pro-family beliefs would definitely vote Conservative. Libertarian vote would also like the government wants the United Nations, the Constitution limited and very professional. Again, why not the party supporting someone like him?

The other variable is the contempt for anything Clinton. If she gets the nomination may be enough to go all out on the right to vote for who ever the Republican nomination only to defeat. This is the worst of the Republican Party in the hope of the base will come out just to beat someone and regardless of an eligible option.

In my opinion, the road to victory for the Republican Party and return to the greatness of America is either Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul, but I think the GOP is global and entrenched the status quo to allow the change and a new direction for America.

Mom got so mad and reprimand me as a child when she spoke again. She said .... you have all the answers. My answer .. of course that would not otherwise. This has been done in my adult life, as I have an opinion about everything. Sometimes I tend to miss the mark in trying to convey my thoughts in words but in writing, which is a passion, rarely miss the mark of what I am trying to convey.


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