The Republicans say their greatest president in recent times was an actor - What does this mean for Fred

Fred Thompson is the former Tennessee senator better known by the masses as an actor in the law and order. Announced his candidacy late and makes the slightest appearance of a candidate which is strange given that announced months later and have to catch up.

It seems that the most authoritative discourses of law and order him as a candidate. Interestingly have a dispute with mini-conservative Fox News supported though, with Huckabee is the conservative candidate is true love as professional life, against same-sex unions, supports gun rights is strong and a Christian (though not his first wife).

In recent discussions of the tube you admitted to possessing weapons and who passionately supports the 2nd Amendment. He is someone who identifies Ronald Reagan as someone who is a big fan of the presidency and Thompson probably follow many of the tenants and the positions that Reagan championed.

Has been appointed to positions different figurehead in recent years, usually not seen in retrospect as well as an advisor to the defense team of Scooter Libby (Cheney's counsel, who was later pardoned by Bush after being convicted of leaking classified information) Not much else to say about him that is not universally encourages all Republican debates, but I think even moderate Republicans difficult to realize that they sell to the widest audience.

Fred Thompson is likely to head back to act once the appointment is not successful and become most watched and highest paid, if he was president.


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