Republican Debate: What won the closet

The night of September 7, 2011, was the debate of the Republican Party Ronald Reagan Library. All politics aside here which candidate won on the basis of wardrobe alone. You may remember the debate for many years between Nixon and Kennedy. It may have been the first televised debate. Kennedy Nixon was sweating and had youth on his side. Those who watched the debate on television, said Kennedy was the clear winner. Those who listened on radio thought Nixon had the advantage.

From my experience it is in men's fashion, especially clothes, I will refrain from any comments in relation to fashion the representative Michele Bachmann just to say that what we had was on the dark side. Before giving my opinion on each candidate and how your clothes fit or how you have done I will save my opinion on who won the war for the final costume.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had a solid charcoal gray two-button single-breasted suit. I could not look closely to see if the jacket had a central opening or side vents. Side vents would have been preferable. Her dress appears to have no visible hand stitching on the front and not walk away from your neck a little when he was standing right. A good tailor and wardrobe people must have noticed that his collar was not properly suitable for the back of his neck. It also seemed as if his white shirt was not new. The color was not completely white and the front of the neck with a little button was crushed. Compare this with the shirt of Gov. Rick Perry. The light of the stage was bouncing in his "new" white shirt. This was in stark contrast with Mr. Gingrich, whose shirt out boring. This is a dead give away for further pre-wear shirt. That would be fine for everyday use, but not for a national television debate. However, adjusting her suit your body shape very well. It was not perfect, and the draw was too thin for me in the fashion burgundy gray.

Rep. Ron Paul was very well dressed. His shirt was white bed. His tie had a nice color flare, which went well with your skin tone. It was classic wide and not too narrow. The shoulders of his suit was not too overwhelming for him. However, he has a problem with his adaptation is not entirely his fault. Apparently, if you look closely at the way it is, which makes the neck of his jacket to travel away from your neck to the sides and rear. It is much more remarkable than the problem that Newt Gingrich has. A good tailor can fix this problem by shortening the neck. This is not to lower the neck, which is a different process. That would make the top of the jacket more suitable for the body and the shoulder line remains below.

Herman Cain wearing a double breasted suit. Double is hard to find these days, but there are people who always wore two years ago and not change his style. Personally, I like for a national debate, as it looks dated now. His suit was too dark navy or black. I think that's his style and not be a front runner should have chosen something better to do than stand out a bit more, but keeping within his conservative perspective.

The gentleman from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum, wearing a navy suit with not quite a light blue shirt and a pale pink tie. His dress was just monotonous, even with the pink tie. The pale blue shirt wearing off demand and the combination of all the tie. If I had to wear a white shirt and shiny suits and ties they have created a striking appearance for a guy who is six feet two inches. His collar was also a little too long for the length of his neck. It would be more appropriate in a semi spread collar for your body shape. The quality of the demand was not very good and the shoulder line was too broad.

It appeared that some candidates chose to use a version of a yellow tie. Jon Huntsman along carrying a yellow gold. The color was very good for his dark complexion and salt and pepper hair style. His dark blue suit, but his white shirt and tie helped bring interesting color the entire team, along with their body shape and skin tone. It was the tie that people probably remember most. Probably not a good thing.

Now, by criticism in the two faced most of the night, former Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Both had been looking for new bright white shirts with very soft silk ties. Its semi spread collar and complements its forms. The light shone in reality outside of the shirt for Gov. Rick Perry. Governor Perry suit was dark blue. It looks so close to black and so close to all the costumes worn by the other candidates marina. He really did not stand out as much. He was very well together.

In my professional opinion, Mitt Romney was the best dressed. Her dress impeccably as well and have adapted well to the length of the sleeve to adjust the shoulders and collar. The color was what I call a blue oil. A shadow of two shades lighter than the navy. It is very rich, deep and shows confidence. His tie was fashioned into a neat little design that gathered in the beautiful blue of his suit. The new white shirt that brought them all together. It was a clean, fresh package, to the measure.

You can disagree about the politics of the night, but that's my opinion on fashion. It seems that politics is the world of thought Romney had the advantage after all was said and done. I am sure that his choice of clothes helped immensely on national television.


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