Presidential Debate, reimbursement, choice and change

Is the bottom of the ninth inning and we only have a few days to decide what we as Americans can do, from our polling stations to affect our future short-term, economically and socially.

We have two options and both parties have elected their representatives that we can choose, which will take us "inside or outside" for the next four years. On the Republican side, we have John McCain, a former war hero / prisoner of war who has 26 years as a U.S. senator, who has chosen Sarah Palin, a handsome fellow of 44 years, Women in operation, which has given birth five months ago to her fifth child, and bow as the governor of Alaska.

The Democratic Party has chosen Barack Obama, a young senator from Illinois, USAwhich is a highly educated, middle-aged man of color, as leader of his party and in turn, has selected a veteran of the U.S. Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his running mate.

In order to make the best choice of party leaders who must choose, it pays to look at the obvious factors first. The U.S. economy it is fragile point in the last 80 years and we support as our next President of the United States has to make some drastic changes, to redirect our economic and domestic, we have a treasure than Americans.

The war in Iraq has reached a point of not being televised every day more and do not know when we will see our troops home. Republican leaders are in favor of staying longer to carry out, through what? If the people of Iraq can not or will not protect you from this point, when? Democratic leaders say that we will set a date and go home, sounds like a strategy exist for me? This is not how long we stay, is what the will of the Iraqi people do, once we are gone? I would suggest it is explained that this is their country, protect or lost. If we go back we will, but not set foot on their land. If you can not stop the evil elements who want to dominate, we will once and for all. Enjoy and protect their freedom, goodbye!

Another curious fact of this war, is what we have fought in a country full of oil and yet that country has offered to pay for the service with a single drop of oil? At the same time, we have seen a tripling in the price of domestic oil since it began to fight in Iraq? Bad business much there!

Our current American lifestyle has seen the biggest foreclosure increases the cost of fuel and healthcare costs are impossible to obtain in the past eight years, more so than at any time in the past 80 years. That old George Jr. and the boys have no problem in Texas, once you retire? I think not. Want some more of the same for the next four years? I think not. Ready for a change? Could it be worse than what we have now? That depends on how you vote.

Let us realize that the way the Western world and we as Americans think and live are not transferable or impressionable, unless they are invited or are willing to take drastic measures to correct an error. People living in other countries can defend themselves or, if necessary, ask for our help. I once asked, we can consider how we can help. We have countries that ask all the time, but if we can offer something valuable to ignore their requests. Sad but true. Therefore, what has Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, or any other country we have tried to force our help, has given us? Our leaders should be more interested in our own economy and social life than anything else. If we can, and we can become more self sufficient, other countries ask us to approach them. That is the way to solve world problems, not to meddle in which they were not asked to try to impose our logic on them.

The choice should be clear, it is better to help those in our own country, who are not even willing to help themselves, that to help other countries that are unwilling to help themselves. If we prosper economically and socially, we have created a magnetic environment with others who want to know how. Greed has been created in this country has been driven by legislators who respond only to the rich, long enough. The economic balance is lost and the balance point to a single solution. Get the America we love, back to where it belongs, at home, and stop corporate greed. Let those who want help, make us an offer in exchange for our services. The world understands business and the economy, forced opinions do not understand.

As for the corporate greed factor in our country that would rather be a candidate who has 12 houses and a woman who wears $ 300,000 outfits to be the next president, or a person who has a home and a family that is still young and full of hope for a better tomorrow. Please exercise your right to vote and choose between his heart and his wallet, and not from a standpoint of party loyalty. Do not let your prejudices dominate his good sense.


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