Obedient Wives Club: Islamic Sex, Fighting Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World

The outrageous Obedient Wives Club (OWC) has made it to the news again! Why am I not surprised?!

This time the club publish a 115-page sex book titled, "Islamic Sex, Fighting Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World" (or in Malay, "Seks Islam, Perangi Yahudi untuk Kembalikan Seks Islam kepada Dunia").

The outrageous part mentioned in the news below is about how the explicit sex book encourages a Muslim husband to have joint sex with all his wives. The Qur’an, in Surah Nisa, chapter 4 verse 3, states that a Muslim is allowed to marry a maximum of only four wives.

I am impressed. One word comes to my mind: virility. Tsk, tsk, to have joint sex with all FOUR wives.

To quote Donald Duck: "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy".

The controversial Obedient Wives Club (OWC) has set off another round of public outrage with an "explicit sex book" which encourages a Muslim husband to have joint sex with all his wives.

The 115-page book titled Seks Islam, Perangi Yahudi untuk Kembalikan Seks Islam kepada Dunia (Islamic Sex, fighting Jews to return Islamic sex to the world), has a picture of the late Asaari Muhammad, the banned Al-Arqam leader, on the cover.

An excerpt from a passage printed on the back encouraged Muslims husbands to have sex simultaneously with their wives.

The book stated that research showed women only gave their husbands 10 per cent of what they wanted from their wives' bodies, a local daily reported yesterday.

According to the report, chapter eight titled Bagaimana seks menjadi ibadah (How sex becomes worship), contained explicit descriptions of sexual acts.

Facebook page "We do not want sexist nonsense from Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd" founder Matthew Ong expressed outrage over the book and urged Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to intervene.

Global Ikhwan had set up the OWC.

From Asiaone, "Obedient Wives Club launches "explicit sex book"".

Kuala Lumpur. Just months after it gained infamy for telling its members to “serve their husbands better than a first-class prostitute,” a Malaysian Muslim wives’ club has made the news again — this time for publishing a guide on “Islamic sex.”

The Obedient Wives Club has produced a book titled “Islamic Sex, Fighting Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World,” according to a news report in Malay daily Berita Harian in Malaysia yesterday.

The 115-page, pocket-sized sex guide is believed to have been published this year.

The news report did not explain what ‘Islamic sex’ is or how it apparently differs from Jewish sex. Leaders of the OWC - which has about 800 members in Malaysia and branches in Singapore, Indonesia and Jordan - could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The book’s foreword says that OWC’s research has found that wives can satisfy only 10 per cent of their husbands’ desires, Berita Harian reported.

So, the book apparently lays out how to close the gap on the remaining 90 per cent.

At least one chapter contains detailed information on sexual acts. The chapter, the only part of the book The Straits Times has seen, describes in reverential tones how a husband and wife should approach sex.

Stressing that the couple should be married, it described sexual acts, such as the fondling of a breast, in detail. The chapter said that sex is ‘sanctioned by God’ and is intended to create new life.

“You [God] have said that all these acts are halal, pure, beautiful and like a prayer [between a man and a wife,]” the guide says.

The Straits Times understands that each copy is sold for RM50 (S$20), and is available only to OWC members. The guide does not contain pictures or illustrations of sex.

Launched in June, the OWC was set up by the same people who formed a Polygamy Club in 2009. Both clubs were criticized by women’s rights groups, which said that marriages should be based on mutual respect.

The clubs were set up by Global Ikhwan, a business organization founded by former members of the Al-Arqam cult. Banned 20 years ago by the Malaysian government, Al-Arqam’s followers believed their leader Ashaari Muhammad could absolve their sins and defer death.

The late Ashaari’s picture is on the cover of the sex guide, which is targeted at newlyweds, Berita Harian said.

The OWC, however, denies any links to Al-Arqam. In an interview in June, one committee member told The Straits Times that the club was simply spreading the teachings of God, and that “Al-Arqam no longer exists.”

From Jakarta Globe, "Obedient Wives Club Produces ‘Islamic Sex’ Guide".

A Muslim man can have sex with all his wives at the same time, according to a controversial new book on Islamic sex by the Obedient Wives Club (OWC).

Titillatingly-titled “Seks Islam, perangi Yahudi untk kembalikan seks Islam kepada dunia [Islamic sex, fighting Jews to return Islamic sex to the world]”, the explicit book aims to guide Muslim brides on how to pleasure their husbands in bed.

In its foreword, the pro-polygamy OWC said its studies showed women only gave their husbands 10 per cent of what the men desired of their wives’ bodies.

Malay-language daily, Berita Harian, reported today the Malay-Muslim community was upset the book featured on its front cover the polygamous leader of the outlawed Al-Arqam religious sect, Asaari Muhammad, and also objected to its extremely graphic visuals.

An extract on the back cover reads, in Bahasa Malaysia: “Selaku pemimpin roh, kebolehan yang Allah izinkan kepada mereka ialah boleh serentak dengan semua isteri-isteri melakukan hubungan jenis. Manakala kalau isteripun orang roh, lagilah hebat. Ke mana-mana terbang untuk atau sambil melakukan hubungan sulit itu dalam keadaan lebih nikmat dan lebih ringan dibanding dengan perlakuan yang menggunakan fizikal. Untuk itulah Abuya sedang proses isteri-isterinya ke arah roh.”

In English: “As a spiritual leader, Allah has granted him the ability to have simultaneous sex with all his wives. And if the wife is spiritual, the sex is greater. They can fly anywhere for sex, it is more enjoyable and easier compared to physical sex. For that reason, Abuya was processing his wives towards the spiritual.”

The paper noted that explicit sex details littered the book’s 115 pages, and cited as another example chapter eight which deals with “how sex becomes worship”.

“Kemuncak cinta kita ialah celah kangkang. Tangan, kaki dan segalanya terdorong kuat untuk menuju ke situ [The peak of our love is the cleft in between. Hands, feet and everything are strongly driven there].”

The sex book has not been banned but Kelantan mufti, Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad, has stepped into the fray to play down the emphasis of Islam on sex.

“The Al-Quran explains the ‘wife clothes the husband and you (the husband) clothes the wife. ‘Your wife is the field and therefore come to your field’,” Berita Harian quoted him saying today.

“Islam touches on sex in a civilised, polite and non-lewd manner. So we should not detail it in such a way as to give a negative impression,” Mohamad Shukri added, saying sex in Islam was described in symbolic terms.

This is the second time the OWC has hit the headlines. Previously, the club’s vice-president, Dr Rohaya Mohamad, provoked an outcry from women’s rights groups and Islamic religious authorities for advising women to behave like “a first-class whore” while in the company of their husbands if they wanted their marriages to succeed.

From The Malaysian Insider, "Obedient Wives Club publishes explicit sex book".


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