No more U-tube presidential debates

Why are we allowing the presidential debates to go so low? Why let a joke that is made out of the nomination process to elect the leaders of our nation? Video questions posed U-tube politicians are often considered funny in a weird sort of way, however, when we take these questions in U-tube, is a rather pathetic attitude to the way we choose the leader of our country.

UTube Democratic debates were really ridiculous and demeaning to our nation and our people, and the worst is amazing that the presidential candidates stood up and protest. UTube Republican CNN discussion was less outrageous, but still a problem a bit, certainly unworthy of the greatest nation ever created. Should we accept this type prankster and legitimate debates in the election of our president?

Our nation deserves better, and our people deserve more respect than a layout until spring Jerry kind of debate, especially when it comes to choosing our next president. If not we will surely get the leaders we deserve and we can blame for that.

The next time you watch the presidential debates, in turn attack style politics as usual, or start to sound like a big joke - turn off the TV and do something about it. To participate, tell your friends you've had enough of this. Our nation is too important to throw everything we have and everything we've built in a televised debate comedy.


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