MP Denise Phua: If not relevant, let's get rid of offices of the Nominated Member of Parliament, Non-Constituency MP and Elected President

Hear, hear!

Ms Denise Phua has spoken. The fearless MP is indeed daring to speak out her mind.

She pointed out that government ought to review offices of Elected President, NCMPs and NMPs. If they are not relevant? Get rid of them!

(The logic is somewhat akin to what she said--quoted from YouTube clip, "Put a lid on easy gaming revenue"--casinos strengthen neither economy nor society and we should put a lid on this industry whilst easy gaming revenue is still small and not let it grow so large that we become dependent on it for social services and it becomes impossible to give up.)

I have to say I'm fully agree with her about the overdue review on the aforementioned political posts.

MP for Moulmein-Kallang GRC, Denise Phua, has urged the government to study if the offices of the Elected President, NCMP and NMP are still relevant, given the new political environment of a team of elected Opposition MPs.

She was speaking in Parliament on Tuesday.

Ms Phua said: "I believe that there is no need for the ruling party to play the paternal role and artificially inject alternative voices in Parliament or install additional checks on elected representatives of Singaporeans.

"I urge the government to examine if the created offices of the Nominated Member of Parliament, Non-Constituency MP and Elected President are still relevant in today's new political environment.

"If the conditions under which they were introduced are no longer the same, let us have the courage to slay these sacred cows before they become overgrown and irrelevant."

She also suggested setting up a Special Education body to represent each major disability group, as well as a task force to provide education and training for the special-needs workforce. She said the body must look at identifying, implementing and reporting the enablers that will move special education towards excellence.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Review offices of Elected President, NCMPs and NMPs, urges MP".

Dozens of scantily-dressed women in short skirts and skimpy dresses stand around the entrances to sleazy nightclubs.

When male passers-by walk by, they say things like "Darling, come in for a drink, you won't regret it."

This happens at Circular Road, a stretch of shophouses behind Boat Quay.

Previously occupied by hip bars and upmarket restaurants, the stretch now houses as many as 15 new nightclubs sporting names like 'Kriselle' and 'Mambo 5.'

As soon as the sun sets, hostesses emerge from these establishments and openly solicit male patrons who walk by, at times aggressively pulling them through the doors, said a report in The Straits Times.

Shop owners say these nightly activities have been going on for some time, and have expressed concern that the situation is getting worse.

The co-owner of the Unca Bunca bar said that he has had to speak to one of the bar owners to ensure the girls do not disturb his patrons, who are mostly the office crowd.

Some businesses, such as matchmaking agency Lunch Actually, have even opted to move out of the area altogether. Its chief executive told The Straits Times that clients who came to the agency after work would get solicited by girls in the area.

Customers are also increasingly avoiding walking down the stretch.

The area had a very different future as an attraction when it was first given a makeover in 1993. Since then it has steadily degenerated into a hot spot for drunken brawls and massage parlours offering dubious services.

Most of these girls appeared to be Filipinas. They were seen hanging around outside bars in groups of four to five, wearing provocative clothing.

An owner of a beauty salon located between two such bars told the Sunday Times that she has lodged complaints in response to numerous complaints of harassment from her customers, but to no avail.

The MP in charge of the area Denise Phua told the Sunday Times that she is aware of the activities going on and plans to speak with the relevant authorities to prevent Boat Quay from sliding into an area of crime.

The police have said that they have not noticed an increase in crime in the area, but will continue to monitor it closely.

From Asiaone, "More hostesses openly soliciting at Boat Quay". (26/09/11)


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