Kouk Leong Jin missing, but believed to be alive?!

Another post to follow up to "The Search for Kouk Leong Jin ..." and "Missing: Kouk Leong Jin". Sigh. When will we see the post with the title like "Missing Singaporean Kouk Leong Jin Found!"?

Anyway. A real test for the distraught wife Ms Seow Shu Ping who appeared in Greece TV ANT1 to appeal for information.

On a separate news it's said that the Greek police reportedly believe Mr Kouk is alive, after investigations yielded results. I wish more are going to elaborate about this soon. What 'results'? Where is Kouk Leong Jin? (By the way it's getting rather annoying to see his name mentioned as "Kuok Leong Jin", isn't it?!)

Εξαφάνιση Kuok Leong Jin

The wife of Singapore medical student Kouk Leong Jin has gone on Greece's leading television channel, ANT1, to appeal for information on his whereabouts.

Teacher Seow Shu Ping, 28, appeared teary on the 10-minute broadcast on Monday.

Mr Kouk, 28, who is a fourth-year student at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, has been uncontactable since Sept 27 - a day after he arrived in Athens.

Kidnapping unlikely, says Greek police

While one theory to explain the disappearance of Mr Kouk suggests that he could have been kidnapped, Greek police rules out that possibility.

According to the police, Greece is a "safe country for tourists" and it holds a clean record of having not had any previous cases of tourist kidnapping before.

An officer at the Office of Disappearances in Athens told The Straits Times: "It is not common for tourists to be kidnapped here."

According to the same report, some of Mr Kouk's friends also believed that it is not easy for anyone to abduct the 1.7m-tall karate exponent.

It has been nine days since Mr Kouk had gone missing.

In the last email to his wife, he said he might explore some nearby islands before the medical conference he was there to attend started on Sept 28.

Was he marooned on a Greek island?

Mystery continues to surround the case.

From Asiaone, "Missing man's wife asks for help on Greek TV".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is working with the Greek authorities in continuing efforts to track down Singaporean medical student Kouk Leong Jin, who is believed to have been missing in Greece since last Tuesday.

The Greek police reportedly believe Mr Kouk is alive, after investigations yielded results.

In a statement on Wednesday, an MFA spokesman added its Honorary Consul-General (HCG) in Athens has been monitoring the efforts of the Greek authorities to locate the 28-year-old Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School student, as well as "making his own efforts to locate Mr Kouk, including publicising Mr Kouk's profile in the local media".

The spokesman added: "We have sought, through the Greek Ambassador to Singapore, the full assistance of the Greek authorities to locate Mr Kouk Leong Jin and emphasised the importance we place on expeditious resolution of this case."

The MFA has also contacted INTERPOL for assistance, while the Singapore Police Force is working with its Greek counterparts.

"Our HCG has also been extending all necessary assistance to the members of Mr Kouk's family currently in Athens. Some members of the small Singaporean community resident in Athens have also stepped forward to offer their support for Mr Kouk's family," the spokesman said.

From Channel NewsAsia, "MFA continuing efforts to find missing Singaporean".


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