Julia Perez is against the ban of erotic dangdut singers

Heh. Why am I not surprised?! Julia Perez is kind of contradicting herself, though, when she apologized for being sexy. What for, girl???

In the article below her hot video music "Belah Duren" (or "Split a Durian") is mentioned. I include a YouTube clip in the end of this post & let you decide yourself what the big deal about the so-called erotic dance of hers.

So what do you think?

Model, singer and actress Julia Perez says she is disappointed by moves by a branch of the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) to ban erotic dangdut singers, including herself.

“I don’t destroy anyone’s morality,” Jupe told the Jakarta Globe on Friday. “If I’m considered to be sexy, I apologize, but I am not anarchic, or spreading a new religion.”

She said she hoped to meet with the West Java branch of MUI to discuss its stance but pointed out that the council’s list of eight dangdut singers was out of date.

Indonesian Council of Ulema Branch Moves to Ban Sexy Dangdut Singers

Trio Macan had disbanded and Ira Swara “always dresses well,” she said.

Jupe said she believed MUI’s complaints were directed as singers that sung energetic songs that needed energetic movements.

“Should I dance slowly when singing ‘Belah Duren’ (‘Splitting the Durien’),”

She said women in general were discriminated against in Indonesia.

“I agree with the Anti-Pornography Law but its limitations should be made clear,” she said.

"It is not wrong to wear a bikini at the beach, or wear a sexy outfit if it is needed during shooting."

From Jakarta Globe, "Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Sexy, Jupe Tells MUI".

JULIA PEREZ - Belah Duren


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