Inked in NYC

This weekend I took time to spot catchy tattoos and businesess in Downtown Manhattan. There's always great stuff to look at especially when it comes to Body Modification. New York City has an amazing amount of Tattoo businesess and the shops don't limit themselves to just tattoos.

Anything you want to do or add to your body can be found anywhere among the five boroughs, from scarification, implants and other things that normally one can't find just anywhere.

I'm always busy walking around the city as well as visiting other areas, states, etc. There is so much to talk about and many things to share. Each bourough in the city is full of amazing, talented and skilled artists in this field and the diversity can be broader that in many other states.

I recently got some fresh Ink and even though is the size of a quarter it is something I wanted to get tattooed on for a very long time. I'm not really into showing tattoos during the "ugly stage" of it and I rather to be patient and wait till it heals properly so I can proudly show it. I will keep you posted.


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