In search of exotic animals? Serpo zoo features exotic animals

We have been going to the zoo regularly with our family for a while. This is always a great gift as wonderful zoos in the Netherlands. As we were looking for a theme and perhaps the place for my daughter's sixth birthday read about Serpo, a reptile park.

As you probably know exotic animals like snakes, lizards, spiders and other animals are not common pets. However, we always like to teach our children that there are more animals than many of us own, such as cats, dogs and rabbits. We have organized a birthday party on Serpo, the reptile park and was a great success. Not only were my daughter to her friends very excited to get to see animals up close, who also participated in a program of discovery through the park and to respond to all kinds of questions during your trip. Home of the tour was petting the snake! Serpo is a wonderful place to study large collections of exotic animals like snakes, spiders, crocodiles and other animals. It educates adults and children, allowing people to see the animials closely and provide more detailed information. We can honestly say that some of our preconceived opinions have been removed. For example, the most common misconception about snakes is that they are dangerous.

Children and adults who came to Serpo soon learned that not always have to be afraid of snakes. There aa lot of different snakes, help us fight the parasites and also provide drugs used in treatment. We could also learn much more about alligators living in a large aquarium in which they were able to observe underwater. Others who had iguana, lizard, lizards, turtles, scorpions, spiders, fish and frogs in their natural habitat. Some children were moved by all the turtles that we saw. When I was little I always had my own turtle and loved it. We consider ourselves very fortunate to see many exotic animals up close and learn about them. So when your child talks about getting a snake as a pet, you do not have to find the sales of exotic animals. Always Serp in the Netherlands and hopefully there reptile parks in your neighborhood.


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