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Upon returning home after several weeks abroad, can be a revealing experience. The press and TV seem to have forgotten the crimes, invasion, college and recent recalls shooting one hundred million cans a hundred different brands of food for the presidential debates. I had to ask.

"Professor, perhaps you can enlighten me about these debates between Republican and Democratic candidates for the 2008 presidential election still unclear television shows like American Idol, Lost, Doctor Phil, Fox News and the cable man with the famous debates; . They all seem to share common features such as a mediocre comedy, improvisation, poor posture and pathetic. I can not say to each other! "

While the teacher is not condescending or patronizing, do not miss the opportunity to enrich the substance of the discussion, exhibition or a simple investigation. He smiled and said:

"Listen, debates have always taken place, but are a byproduct of the freedoms we secured in 1760 and more or less have been most rewarding and not without meaning and the philosophy of those, unfortunately, we will see or hear , .. never again! "

"D'Accord, the teacher, but turning what would be a useful and informative session before millions of TV screens in an exchange of kindergarten pathetic attempt not only against his intellect, but also affects the disposition of a healthy, good digestion and healthy instincts "

The teacher pointed to a shelf on one side of his large library and said:

"There have been many cases in our history where the candidates debates aimed at popular debates devote much of the population, the debates created an environment where the basic principles, ideas and situations thoroughly examined and the most cases, some wise solutions were found. Therefore, it is disappointing to see a moderator asks things like: "If your house was attacked by termites in the uniform of a foreign nation, did that nation's nuclear or" What are your thoughts on health care if the whole East Coast of the United States is flooded and all first aid stations are under water? "

I laughed. "Professor," he said, "I wonder why these debates are not confined to one subject at a time. We have enough tasks pending discussions could take place daily until election day. What is Health, Social Security, immigration, corruption in government, corruption on the other hand, the separation of church and state, Abortion and when, Gay Boys and Girls, the infamous Patriot Act, pollution, and the ever-popular Iraq and Iran "?

The teacher nodded. "Good question. There have been cases in the debates, as you suggest, were conducted on a specific topic. A few years ago, Republicans Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, held on against John Adams and the Federalist Party in defense of civil rights were violated under the provisions of the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798. This type of action has long been forgotten! "

The professor raised his hand and said:

"The Republicans already mentioned, were not the Republicans of today, like the Federalists of the day had nothing in common with Democrats today. Do not forget that the two parties present grew from a common source and gradually grew further apart until years later when they again share common goals. Our "discussion" would do well to review these changes and stop talking to each other as if they were enemies of decency, patriotism and low calorie blood Marys! "

I smiled and asked the teacher:

"You'll see the debates this week?"

"Are you the mind? And miss another episode of Perry Mason?"

The chemical engineer by profession, international executive by merit and writer by addiction. Column syndicated columnist technology, has written for television and film. His humorous articles contain fine satire and have been published in four languages. Quote: "Love and smiles teach tolerance; days when none are lost days"


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