To NEA: no news on last night typhoon or storm hitting Singapore?!?!

The truth is out there. No, it's not. Just a very strong wind ravaging the trees last night some time after midnight. The howling of the wind was enough to wake me up from my panadol-induced sleep.

Disappointing that there's no such an announcement or news update about the peculiar wind from National Environment Agency.

The only evidence I was not hallucinating was from this cartoonist/blogger, "Typhoon pass by Singapore...?" who ended his post with, "I am so bloody afraid when i heard the sound." (He too referred to the sound of the wind.)

Another evidence was also found from this STOMP, "Deepavali vendors out of luck as tent collapses in storm". Partially quoted:

"This happened at the bazaar in front of Mustafa Centre, in Little India.

"Around 11.30pm or 12 midnight, a storm hit, and the strong winds first lifted the tent up.

"When the winds let up, the tent came crashing back down, and the scaffolding was not strong enough to support its weight and hence collapsed.

"It was also raining heavily at this time, so the rain soaked through the tent, damaging the goods that my father and fellow vendors had already put out on display.

Some people speculate that the strong wind has to do with the Typhoon Nesta which killed 18 people in Philippines. Yes, the very same typhoon which tail wind lashed on Sabah’s west coast.

I'll be monitoring local newspaper closely for any further update on what on earth that strong wind hitting Singapore last night.

Any other readers experience the same, please kindly let me know! (I checked with my colleagues from Woodlands, Sembawang, Yishun, Changi - they so far did experience the same!!)


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