St. Marks - New York City

St. Marks is one of the best hangout areas in Downtown Manhattan. Here you can find plenty of everything for everyone, awesome bars, food places and clothing stores. When you visit the strip you will notice most people have something in common, appreciation for Body Art.

St. Marks have an eclectic selection of restaurant and food spots where you can pick a quick bite or sit at a table to have dinner alone or with friends. There is plenty of Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants and quick bites as well.

One thing you will notice for sure is the endless amount of Tattoo / Piercing Parlors from start to end. This area has an interesting appeal all year round and people who live or work in the area are welcoming and pleasant.

It is a very relaxed and casual environment, totally inhibited where you can simply be yourself and don't have to worry about non-sense or fake impersonations of what the perfect everything should be, St. Marks is already perfect by being free spirited and open to reality.

Art can be anywhere, everything is surrounded by creativity and artistic vision, from a van full of graffiti to public art exhibits.


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