Mindee Ong a flasher victim - or just a publicity stunt?

I am not sure. I would like to see a screenshot of a police report concerning this case before I waste my time to sympathize to the beautiful victim. (Learnt my lesson after the fake catfight--and equally fake oral sex video--of a certain so-called celebrity blogger...)

She did blog about the alleged incident in her blog post titled, "Flasher!"

Local actress and entrepreneur Mindee Ong received a rude shock on Friday night when she saw a man urinating on her car parked outside her shop along Club Street.

Recalling the incident to Yahoo! Singapore, the Fly Entertainment artiste said she caught him urinating at her car and stormed up to him, yelling at him to stop.

"Instead of listening to me, he turned around and taunted me before continuing his act, with his private parts completely exposed the entire time," said the actress.

The star of the movie 881 had earlier driven to her home furniture and accessories shop, Trolleys to pick up an item and brought along her dog, Bullet.

"I left Bullet in the car with the door unlocked, went in (to the shop), took my stuff, looked out of the window to check on the car, and saw two guys sneaking around near the car," a shell-shocked Ong said.

Stepping out of her shop to take a closer look, the 31-year-old found one of two men relieving himself at the rear wheel of her car, which was parallel-parked outside her shop, while the other man stood at a potted plant nearby.

"He must have definitely had some drinks, if not he wouldn't have been so daring to do such a thing in public," said Ong.

"Standing about a car length away, I yelled at him, "Hey! Zip up your pants and get off my car!'" she wrote on her blog, where she also detailed the incident.

However, he ignored her even after his companion urged him to leave.

The next shock came after she shouted at him again. He turned around to face her with his private parts exposed, telling her to watch him as he urinated.

A lot was going through the actress' mind at the time, though -- she had left her mobile phone in her car, her car doors were unlocked, her dog was in the car, and in her hurry, she had also left the gates to her shop unlocked.

"When (he flashed me), I didn't know what to do," she told Yahoo! Singapore. "All I remember telling myself was to keep calm and composed. I just wanted them to leave," she added.

Realising her attempts to get the flasher to leave was futile, Ong walked round to the driver's side of her car to retrieve her mobile phone and locked her car doors. She took at least half a minute to do this, and when she walked back to the other side of her car, she was horrified to find the man still standing there.

Using her mobile phone, she took three pictures of the culprit in succession. As she snapped away, the man looked down while his friend hid from her phone camera lens.

She then walked back to lock up her shop before returning to find the two men waiting to hail a taxi.

"I immediately entered my car and called the police. I literally asked them, what should I do now?" she said.

Ong took note of the taxi's licence plate number that the two men boarded before four officers arrived to record her statement. The police also sent a memo to the taxi company requesting the particulars of the driver who picked up the two men so that he can assist with their investigations.

The incident has left Ong so upset that she is still in a state of shock.

"It's not purely anger, it's not purely frustration -- it's everything," she said. "I'm perturbed, petrified... I'm still in shock," said Ong, who had her car washed immediately after speaking to the police in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

"I went to bed only at 2am, and woke up at 6.30am for no reason," the star of two of Royston Tan's feature-length films 881 and 12 Lotus said. "I simply couldn't put my mind to rest," she added.

This isn't the first time Ong has fallen victim to such incidents. Several years ago, she caught another man urinating at her car, in a carpark in the Duxton Hill area.

When promoting 881 in 2007, the star was also at the receiving end of a rotten-egg attack, sustaining red and swollen eyes from the egg yolk that spilled from her forehead.

When asked if she will press charges against the two men should they be caught, Ong said she was too exhausted to decide now.

"The act is disgusting, although I would not have pursued the matter if not for (his) further action (of exposing his private parts to her). They weren't even apologetic," she said.

"It doesn't give me relief to say this, but I do think he should be responsible for what he did."

From Yahoo! News, "Actress Mindee Ong's gross midnight encounter".


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