Lust, caution: being a lover to a runaway maid?!

Yeah. Stupid love story involving a somewhat noble man who persuaded a runaway maid who freelanced as a prostitute to stop being one & sheltered her in his place for about 3 years?!

A man was jailed for seven months on Wednesday for harbouring an Indonesian woman who had overstayed for close to three years.

Syed Muhammad Bashir Syed Samsudin Barakkbah, 25, pleaded guilty to sheltering Safitri, 26, at his Bedok Reservoir Road flat from November 2008 to July 11 this year.

The court heard that Safitri was working as a domestic helper when she ran away from her employer's house in 2008. She then freelanced as a prostitute in Geylang.

Bashir befriended her in October that year. Subsequently they became lovers. He then persuaded her not to work as a prostitute and offered her accommodation at his place with his parents. It was after he had brought her home that she confessed that she had absconded from her employer.

From Straits Times, "Man jailed for harbouring runaway maid who overstayed".


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