The Hossan Leong Show 2011

Gotta catch this promising show: The Hossan Leong Show. Last year show was already said to be entertaining and it was even featured in, "Hossan Leong: Making comedy in Singapore, with a little help from his friends".

The 90-minute show will be till 25 Sept and you can purchase the ticket from SISTIC here.

Hossan Leong Show Episode 3 Teaser (uploaded 04/08/11)

National anthem: Hossan Leong version (uploaded 01/08/10)

THE HOSSAN LEONG SHOW! (uploaded 14/09/09)

Let's cut to the chase: the first was mediocre, the second was entertaining, but the third was cream of the crop.

The brand new skit-based comedy of The Hossan Leong Show (THLS) returns with our famous ACS funny boy and his brand of tongue-in-cheek humour and wit, celebrating all the nonsensical parts of Singaporean life.

Together with the comedic geniuses of his three amigos - Chua Enlai, Judee Tan, and newcomer Siti Khalijah (who won the Best Actress Award in this year's Life! Theatre Awards and was seen in The Necessary Stage's production, Gemuk Girls), Hossan Leong and his team left most, if not all, grinning from ear to ear even after the show had ended.

Once again directed, choreographed by George Chan, and written by Benjamin Lee (also known as popular blogger Mr Miyagi), Edmund Shern and Hirzi Zulkiflie, episode three delivers fresh and witty lines, albeit some hits and misses, to keep us engrossed throughout the 90 minutes show.

Hossan's opening monologue sets the tone for the night. Just when you thought you had heard enough of the drama from the General Elections and the four famous Tans of Presidential Election, Hossan reminded us all why it never fails to charm when we poke fun at our own uniquely Singaporean way of life.

Add to that, Judee Tan's commanding performance as a certain youngest Member of Parliament whose association with Kate Spade bags happens to be bigger than her political vocation, was hilariously spot on. Perfectly executed, even right down to the posture, Judee delivered an uproarious punch with her parody of the infamous "Meet the People Session".

One of the show's biggest laughs came from Chua Enlai and Judee Tan's side-splitting moments as the Western paranormal doctor and traditional Chinese physician respectively, both characters, a reprisal from last year's episode two. Returning this time as television hosts of a new program, they "travel many worlds - both the humanly world and the supernatural world" to exorcise ghosts.

Mdm Bibik Lim, a popular character [from the earlier shows] made a guest appearance - as a ghost -in the Supernatural World segment. Although it was entertaining to watch the effervescent Peranakan cooking guru back on stage, it didn't quite get the maximum impact.

All four comedians are supremely talented, brilliant performers but beyond doubt, it was the lethal combination of the talented comedic duo - Enlai and Judee - who stole the thunder.

And yes, of course there were still the occasional giveaways here and there but thankfully nothing obtrusive, just clever, subtle weaving of sponsors' endorsements into the skits.

So, if you, like me, are desperately in need of some satirical hilarity to chase the work blues away, go catch the brand new episode of The Hossan Leong Show - it's episode three, and third time's the charm!...You sure kena charmed.

The Hossan Leong Show (Episode Three) runs till 25 Sep at the Drama Centre Theatre, National Library - New shows added from 20 till 25 Sep. Tickets are available at all SISTIC outlets.

From xinmsn Entertainment, "The Hossan Leong Show: Third time’s the charm".


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