Halloween Horrors in Tampines? Boo!

Will we see Halloween Horrors event at Tampines? I know it's all a shocking, uhm, horror for those Singapore Poly students who have toiled for seven months working with the Night Safari to put together Halloween Horrors, as part of their final year project.

Really. But to have it in Tampines in one of the parks--either the Sun Plaza Park or the Eco Green Park?

Please. Those who attend the event will likely to do so out of pity. Not because of the interest. See, Halloween Horrors is already a brand name & it goes together with Singapore Zoo / Night Safari, and not with some vague parks in some part of Singapore!

Member of Parliament (MP) for Tampines Group Representation Constituency (GRC) Baey Yam Keng has offered alternative sites to Singapore Polytechnic students affected by the cancellation of the Halloween event at the Night Safari.

In his Facebook posting, Mr Baey said they could either use the Sun Plaza Park or the Eco Green Park at Tampines.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore had cancelled its signature Halloween Horrors, just two weeks shy of the event.

Students from Singapore Polytechnic had spent seven months working with the Night Safari to put together Halloween Horrors, as part of their final year project.

In a statement issued through its principal Tan Han Cheong, the school said it's encouraged by the "interest shown by several organisations who called up to explore opportunities for engaging" its students in their project.

The school added it has met with the students and have assured them that their grades will not be affected as a result of the cancellation.

It added the students naturally are "devastated" with the decision to cancel the event, after many months of hard work and sacrifice, but they have learnt much from the process.

Their plight has prompted at least one MP to offer a solution.

"When I first heard about the cancellation, my heart goes out to the students, because they spent a lot of months preparing for it," Mr Baey said.

The Tampines Eco Green Park located at Tampines North is one of the possible venues suggested by Mr Baey for the Singapore Polytechnic students to hold their Halloween event.

Many netizens supported the idea of having it there because of the huge area and the park's low lighting conditions.

Netizens also raised the issue of who's going to bear the cost of the event if it's to be held in Tampines.

"Certainly the community would not have the kind of resources like a commercial company. So probably, we might have to down scale the project," Mr Baey said.

"But I think we will have to find ways to find the finances (and) I'm happy that north east CDC mayor Teo Ser luck called me over the weekend to say that he thinks it's a good idea and if indeed, we are going to bring the event to Tampines north; the CDC will come in with some support."

However, there is no word on whether the offer will be taken up.

A spokesperson told Channel NewsAsia that the "rights" to the Holloween Horrors do not reside with the school and therefore it cannot put up a similar show.

Meanwhile, Wildlife Reserves Singapore CEO Isabella Loh said the decision to cancel the Halloween Horrors event, while a difficult call to make, was "made with the best interests of the park and its many visitors in mind".

In a statement, Ms Loh said over the years, the event has not contributed to a noticeable increase in visitors in the month in which it takes place.

By contrast, family themed events such as the National Day celebration and Hari Raya have resulted in a significant increase in visitors.

Ms Loh said the mission of the company is to inspire an appreciation of nature through exciting and meaningful wildlife experiences.

"Our focus is on education, conservation, family recreation and bonding within the context of a wildlife reserve experience," Ms Loh said.

She added the company will "honour all contractual obligations to suppliers of goods and services" in connection with Halloween Horrors.

It will also "fully reimburse each of the 169 patrons who have purchased the 800 tickets sold".

Ms Loh said: "I appreciate the efforts that have gone into preparing for the event and especially the passion and commitment displayed by the students at Singapore Polytechnic who have been involved in this project.

"We are exploring ways in which that passion can be directed toward activities that will provide Singaporeans and overseas visitors to the park with an experience more in keeping with the objectives of the Night Safari and more inclusive of people who seek a family evening exploring the park's many wildlife attractions".

From Channel NewsAsia, "Halloween Horrors to be held in Tampines?".

Screenshot of Night Safari - Halloween Horrors

Wildlife Reserves Singapore has decided to cancel its popular "Halloween Horrors" event at the Night Safari.

Students from Singapore Polytechnic, who've spent seven months organising "Halloween Horrors", said the abrupt cancellation of the annual event was unexpected.

They are disappointed but are taking the decision in their stride.

The students had conceptualised the theme, auditioned individuals and even designed the costumes.

Their involvement in "Halloween Horrors" is part of their final year project for their Diploma in Integrated Events and Project Management.

The polytechnic said the cancellation will not affect their grades.

Some 1,000 tickets were sold online for the month-long event, due to make its return for the sixth year on September 30.

Ticket holders will be refunded.

Night Safari's parent group, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, said it is refocusing its energy on other events with an Asian focus, like a Deepavali festival in October.

Isabella Loh, Director & Group CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, said: "The successful launch of Moon Night which was attended by the President, marks the first of many Asian-themed festivities and family bonding events to be held at Wildlife Reserves Singapore parks.

"We are now staging a festival centered around Deepavali in October in our parks. This is a multi-cultural family event for all Singaporeans and tourists to join in. With our focus on Asian festivities, we have therefore decided to cancel Halloween in view of the clash in dates.

"The partnership with Singapore Polytechnic will now be directed to assisting us with the Deepavali event and we thank them for their continued efforts and support."

Lecturers at the polytechnic have requested for the students to have a last look at their work before it's taken down.

"It's a closure for this event, for them to move on. It's a learning experience for them as I would say, and for the students, to be able to say that okay, we have actually done a very good job," said Jacqueline Ho, lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic.

"Around 80 per cent of the work has been (completed) so far. We have done everything up to the point of rehearsal; we are only left with the execution of the event," said Kingsley Khng, a final year student at Singapore Polytechnic.

From Channel NewsAsia, ""Halloween Horrors" at Night Safari cancelled". (14/09/11)


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