H&M Singapore opens 03 September!! First 5 will get $250 voucher...

H&M Singapore

Madness. Real madness. But still it's a good publicity: people queueing since today to be able to enter the H&M store when it opens tomorrow.

About 50 people have gathered outside Orchard Building in a bid to be among the first few to enter the doors of H&M when it opens on Saturday.

The outlet is the Swedish retail giant's first store in Southeast Asia.

H&M has some 2,200 stores in 40 countries.

Some people were already seen milling around outside the store on Friday evening.

Many are prepared to camp out overnight - standing outside the doors of what used to be the former California Fitness Centre, armed with bags and sweaters.

Others came relatively empty-handed, but no less enthusiastic about their mission.

At stake are S$250 gift cards for the first five in the queue for Saturday's opening.

The next 300 to enter the three-storey, 30,000 square-foot outlet will receive S$20 gift cards, said H&M.

A fan said: "We've been here since 2pm, and we just want to be the first few to go in so we can have the first glance at the clothes."

"We've been to Hong Kong's H&M, and the clothes are really quite nice. For our age group, it's quite suitable and affordable," another said.

A third added: "I heard it's one of the biggest (outlets) in Asia as well, so I really wanted to check out what they have in store."

Singapore is the latest stop for the fashion and accessories outlet for men, women and children.

H&M's head of design, Ann-Sofie Johansson, said: "We want to show that fashion is fun. It should be fun. The business idea I think is really great - it's fashion and quality at the very best price. And I think that can appeal to a lot of people."

While currently the Autumn Winter 2011 collection is on display, H&M said it updates the trends every week, and new pieces arrive on a daily basis.

Ms Johansson said: "There's so much fashion, so many trends going on, so we wanted to keep up with that. Also we wanted to inspire people, and we wanted (them) to feel excited about entering H&M. And by that, we change the look regularly, so it should be exciting to come here once a week at least."

Fans of the outlet can also expect an H&M and Versace collaboration in November this year as part of its yearly designer collaborations.

The store will open its doors to the public at 11am on Saturday.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Fans gather outside H&M store ahead of opening".


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