FHM SOL-diac babes: Who is the fairest among them all?

Who cares that the word 'SOL' which is part of the title of FHM SOL-diac calendar girls refers to 'SOL beer'? Heh.

What I admire is the clever use of the word 'SOL-diac' as an excuse to feature the 12 beauties.

The hunt is on. As 12 freshfaced gals - each representing their zodiac sign - vie for the title of the SOL-diac Babe, xinmsn gatecrashes the calendar shoot and gets to know the gals better.

From xinmsn Lifestyle, "Meet the FHM SOL-diac calendar girls".

The following beautiful babes--photos from xinmsn article--are listed according to the order of the zodiac signs:

FHM SOL-diac Aries babe Sophia Lim

FHM SOL-diac Taurus babe Tanya Chu

FHM SOL-diac Gemini babe Tang Shi Qian

FHM SOL-diac Cancer babe Mavis Chua

FHM SOL-diac Leo babe Bong Yu Ting

FHM SOL-diac Virgo babe Jewel Ng

FHM SOL-diac Libra babe Fiona Leong

FHM SOL-diac Scorpio babe Jasmine Liu

FHM SOL-diac Sagittarius babe Angel Chong

FHM SOL-diac Capricorn babe Vanessa Hee

FHM SOL-diac Aquarius babe Clovie Peck

FHM SOL-diac Pisces babe Maio Premier

It's also said that the voting for the SOL-diac Babe starts from Sept 15 and will commerce for eight weeks. But no info yet on how to do the voting.

Hardware Zone forum seems to favor the Pisces babe Ms Maio Premier with, well, an obviously naughty reason that she's allegedly having some implied nude pictures. (Beats me what it means as 'implied nude pictures'. Heh.)

Hardware Zone, "Meet the FHM SOL-diac calendar girls - page 2"

Oh well, whether or not it's true. Maio Premier must have been enjoying a good deal of publicity.

I don't know about you, but for me, the favorite is for sure the Taurus babe Ms Tanya Chu. Whether or not she has some 'implied nude pictures' is irrelevant. Hur hur.


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