A Wicked Tale: Hush ... Evelyn Maria Ng gives up citizenship for money (Hush ... the money is for her studies in New York! Hush ... so what?!)

Yeah, the title is influenced by the highly-acclaimed 45-minute experimental film, "A Wicked Tale" starring by Evelyn Maria Ng as well as her more recent--and equally sensational, and short (only 22 minutes!)--film, "Hush" (yes, it's not just about Natalie Faye being naked, mind you).

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Amazon.com describes "A Wicked Tale" as a dark psycho-erotic reimagination of the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. Whereas Hush can be easily famous as Singapore's most erotic film.

I digress.

Back to the actress formerly a Singaporean whose surname formerly "Ng" (she changes hers to "Alexandria"), Evelyn Maria really knows how to give a candid reply. She gives up her Singapore citizenship because she needs to withdraw her CPF savings.

This ought to be something our government need to ponder if we're to ensure our local artists keeping their citizenship. What can be done to help these group of people? So they need money (who doesn't?!), but is giving up citizenship the only way to gain the monetary help?

Surely more can be done. Scholarship or grants? Or even low-interest loan?

C'mon, let's think about it.

It will be another painful blow if the other Hush actress, Natalie Faye currently a full-time graduate student living in Australia also gives up her Singapore citizenship because of similar excuse.

I believe it is the job of The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts to enable local artists to apply a loan to further develop themselves. What say you, o MICA?

Local actress Evelyn Maria Ng – who starred in "Hush", a locally-produced erotic film – has given up her Singapore citizenship.

Ng plays the lead in "Hush" as a bespectacled, bookish-looking girl who lives a double life as a mistress.

The art house film claims to be "the most erotic film ever made in Singapore" on its Facebook page. It was released last year and was passed by the Media Development Authority without any cuts, albeit with an R21 rating.

The 20-minute short film features several scenes of sexual activity where the actors - Ng, Natalie Faye and and Canadian-Chinese actor Darren E Scott - are seen in varying degrees of nudity.

In an interview yesterday, Ng revealed that she is focusing on setting up a public relations company called "Alexandria and Alexandra" with her good friend.

She says that she changed her surname legally in June from "Ng" to "Alexandria", while her friend changed her name to "Alexandra". The company's name was born after they combined their new names together. Ng claims that her name change will give her company better standing on an international platform.

She also applied for Irish citizenship at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority – giving up her Singapore citizenship in the process. Her mother is Irish.

"I did not give up my citizenship because I don't like Singapore. Actually, I planned to further my studies in New York and needed some money. So I gave up my citizenship in order to withdraw my CPF savings."

From inSing.com, "Local actress gives up citizenship".

IF YOU find actress Evelyn Maria Ng vaguely familiar, that's because you would've seen her in two local English television dramas.

The freelance actress-model, who is of Irish-Chinese descent, played a spunky teenage schoolgirl in Moulmein High (2001) and poly student Light Years (2004).

Ng, who is in her mid-20s, has certainly moved on. For her lead role in Hush, she had to film several sex scenes and appear topless.

"It's quite nerve-racking to act in the nude for the first time," she admitted to The New Paper. "Before the shoot, I was very nervous."

Ng, who is doing her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature at Stansfield College, said she was offered the role when she returned to Singapore after a modelling stint in Taiwan.

Director Jeremiah Oh had known her from a short film, Even, which they worked on together in 2005.

"Jeremiah convinced me to take on the project. He's a film-maker who breaks boundaries and he reassured me that all the (sex) scenes would be tastefully done."

It helped that her co-star, actor-stuntman Darren E Scott, who is in his mid-30s, was "very comforting and professional".

"I already knew him from my modelling days, so it wasn't awkward. In fact, prior to the shoot, we dieted together and tried to cut down our carb intake to lose weight."

She wore a modesty patch, which covered her private parts, in her love scenes with Beijing-based Scott.

He called Hush a "big step" in his journey as an actor. This short film marks his first love scene.

Scott was the stunt double for actor Russell Wong in the Jet Li flick Romeo Must Die (2000) and had bit roles in US TV series like Smallville, Dark Angel and The Sentinel.

"My family and friends have always been supportive of my career and still are," he told The New Paper via e-mail.

Ng, on the other hand, admits she's concerned what her parents' reactions will be.

"My mum is a staunch Catholic and years ago, when I had an opportunity to star in an erotic film in Hong Kong, she was dead against it. I had to turn that film down," she revealed.

But after filming Hush, Ng appeared topless in the local lesbian-themed independent film Female Games, which was banned at last year's Singapore International Film Festival.

Partially quoted from Asiaone, "Is this Singapore's most erotic film?".

Update on 17/08: in a very rare occasion, one reader by name "Marie" or "Marie Alexander" has threatened mercilessly Yours Truly for slander. Her accusation is that it's a publicity gimmick on my behalf that the photo of the beautiful Evelyn Maria Ng is captioned 'wrongly' (the heck I'm going to repeat here what the caption is).

A clarification: the photo is from 'inSing.com' article & clearly credited so with the heading of 'Photo Source' (the 'Source' includes the URL of the inSing.com article).

Upon revisiting the same article (yeah, I'm indeed curious whether "Marie Alexander"--what a feisty friend you have, Evelyn Maria Ng! And that's a compliment--has also threatened mercilessly inSing.com for slander), I find out that not just the photo, but the article has also been removed!

Check out the screenshot below, yeah, very likely "Marie" or "Marie Alexander" has also raised her objection to inSing.com.

inSing article on "Evelyn Maria Ng" with the 'wrongly captioned' photo now removed | Photo Source

I guess, however, the most important thing is this:

A very sincere apology to Evelyn Maria Ng for any distress caused by this post which previously featured the 'wrongly captioned' photo which in turn had first been published by inSing.com.


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