Trinetta Chong: You f***ing did it, girl!!

Ms Trinetta Chong (or Ms Chong Chiao Sing Trinetta) is an instant star gaining fame with her passionate use of the f-word in a totally inappropriate event--to be precise in an NTU Convocation closing speech!

Surprisingly, the STOMP has published an article kind of supporting Ms Chong. The article is titled, "NTU grad uses F-word in speech: Relax lah, why S'poreans so uptight?" and hey, it also includes a link to the video, "Watch NTU valedictorian use F-word in speech". Well done, STOMP for being 'complete' in the article. Hur hur.

I still prefer seeing the YouTube clip though. It's titled, "NTU Convocation 2011 Ceremony 14 Closing Speech" and it has gathered 16,589 views so far--as per 01/08/11 2130 hrs--since it's uploaded a few days ago on 29 July.

Screenshot of the exact moment when Ms Trinetta Chong mischievously (Yeah, just see the mischievous grin of hers) said, "Congratulations to the graduating class of 2011. We f***ing did it!!"

However, it's somewhat a disappointment to read that she's subsequently apologizing about the use of f-word. What a bummer! She should just stand firm that there's nothing wrong with the f-word as it's the most passionate word she can think of to best suit the occasion.

NANYANG Technological University said on Sunday it regretted the inappropriate choice of words by its valedictorian during her speech at its graduation ceremony last Friday.

Ms Trinetta Chong, 23, who graduated from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, used the F-word after delivering a rousing speech on behalf of her cohort that had the auditorium cheering. She then congratulated her peers and added: 'We f***ing did it!'

According to those at the ceremony, the remark shocked many in the hall, although it also drew applause from sections of the crowd - which included parents, deans and professors.

A video clip of her speech has since been uploaded on YouTube, where it has attracted a mix of comments. Some have condemned her use of the expletive, while others have lauded her boldness.

In a statement on Sunday night, an NTU spokesman said Ms Chong's inappropriate choice of words was regrettable.

However, the statement added that 'graduands at Ceremony 14 were in extremely high spirits on Friday evening'.

From Straits Times, "NTU regrets use of expletive during speech".

A UNIVERSITY'S valedictorian who blurted out a profanity at the end of her convocation speech last Friday apologised for the slip yesterday.

Nanyang Technological University's Ms Trinetta Chong, 23, gave a speech to inspire and congratulate her schoolmates during the school's convocation ceremony held on campus.

"I'm sorry if I offended anyone, as convocation ceremonies are supposed to be family-friendly events," she told my paper.

In her speech, which lasted some six minutes, the graduate from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information paid tribute to the efforts of her fellow schoolmates, professors and parents. She even compared her cohort which was dressed in academic robes to characters in the popular Harry Potter books.

It was only at the end of her speech that she blurted out: "We f***ing did it!"

The use of the profanity was greeted with cheers and applause from the hall.

Ms Chong said: "I used the word on the spur of the moment, as I felt that it resounded with graduating students."

She said that her parents, who oppose the use of profanities, were shocked at first, but later took it in their stride.

A copy of her speech had to be vetted, but it did not contain the expletive.

In response to my paper queries, an NTU spokesman said that the audience at the ceremony was in a "highly charged mood" by the end of Ms Chong's speech.

The spokesman said: "In that environment, she probably got carried away.

"Her inappropriate choice of word is regrettable and she apologised to the School Chair in person and in writing after that."

my paper understands that the school nominated Ms Chong for the title of valedictorian based on the criteria of excellent academic performance, leadership qualities with high level of participation in extracurricular activities, including that of community service, and good public speaking skills.

Ms Chong was also one of her batch's top students and was picked by graduating students for the valedictorian title based on an online voting process.

A video clip of her speech was posted online shortly after the ceremony. It has since drawn mixed responses - flak as well as nods of approval - from netizens.

User markcenite was "shocked and scandalised by the abominable language used".

Others, such as netizen Samtiago86, felt that Ms Chong's speech reflected the struggle that undergraduates face in their four years of university life. The user added: "It's very inspiring and candid at the same time."

The video, which was uploaded onto YouTube last Friday, had drawn close to 1,200 views by last evening.

A Facebook page has been created by the school's students in support of Ms Chong.

The page, titled "Wee support our school's Valedictorian", attracted more than 30 "likes" after it was created yesterday afternoon but it was unexpectedly shut down by the evening.

From Edvantage, "I'm sorry if I offended anyone, says NTU valedictorian".


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