Thy-Dowager & how a celebrity blogger is first and foremost a human too, and thus entitled for a catfight once a while...

At first I don't believe this Thegreendude Yo, especially on his claim that the so-called celebrity blogger emailed him to beg. In his words: "LOLZ! THE FAMOUS CELEBRITY BLOGGER is BEGGING ME. --->HER EMAIL TO ME.<---" (Screenshot below)

Then I saw another update on his Facebook wall:

And I re-check the celebrity blogger website, "Thy-Dowager", in particular her latest entry, "This is it, that’s my last straw. I’ve broken up with that jerk."

So I conclude the celebrity blogger is indeed Thy-Dowager and the alleged email sent Thegreendude Yo is likely from her too.

And my point is?

Well, even a celebrity blogger is a human too and deserves to be furious (or to display her berserker rage? Hur hur) once a while. It does happen. So what? Let's move on.

What annoys me is how in the video, there were 3 passers-by who chose to nonchalantly walk away?! What's wrong with you people?!?!

Screenshot from article

A celebrity blogger has been filmed having an ugly catfight outside a popular nightspot recently.

The netizen had submitted the catfight video to the Stomp website and said, "I caught this scene outside the Butter Factory the other night. If I'm not wrong, this is a celebrity blogger".

He added, "I think she should leave her dirty laundry at home! No sense of shame!"

Finally, the netizen wonders if this is a real catfight or another publicity stunt that we have been seeing in recent times.

In the video, a lady with long hair and in a mini dress told off a man, saying that she had been waiting more than an hour for him. She continues to demand, "who is the girl beside you?!" before lunging at the girl and yelling "stay away from my boyfriend!"

From, "Celeb blogger caught in catfight?".


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