Samuel Wang Jian Bin or Wang Jianbin or may this monster rot in hell!!

A follow up for this post, "Friends and Heroes sometimes are just mutually exclusive...", more details are revealed in this Asiaone article, "He deals out threat after threat after threat":
1. The full name of the monster is mentioned as "Samuel Wang Jian Bin".

2. China-born Wang came here with his family at the age of 11 and became a Singapore citizen eight years later.

3. Inside the victim's room, Wang then sexually assaulted her. She tried to push him away but failed. At this point, one of her male friends opened her room door and caught Wang in the act. The boy, who is now 18, hit Wang's back with the blunt end of a martial arts spear that belonged to the girl's brother. Wang struggled with the teenage boy for some time until he told the girl to get her friend to leave, and repeated his earlier threats.

4. But Wang was unconvinced and insisted on going to the girl's flat. The friend called another friend to help them at the flat. He also called the police. But he told them there was no need to send officers yet and he would call again if Wang appeared.

So if you're wondering why I choose to highlight the above 4 points, here are the reasons respectively:

1. Like me, you'll want to google not just "Wang Jian Bin" or "Wang Jianbin", but also "Samuel Wang Jian Bin".

And Whether or not he's a former commando, or merely a 'logistic person in the commando unit' is another matter I'd like to find out. (One Lukeehong claimed in this Asiaone forum, "China-born ex-commando rapes 13-year-old" that he also read the clarification by MinDef that this culprit is NOT a commondo but just a logistic person in the commando unit. I however have not managed to find such a clarification in the Ministry of Defence website.

Screenshot of the blogworthy post

2. This fact is interesting as more stringent requirement ought to be implemented to a similar situation. There ought not be a simplifaction that since the parents have become Singaporeans, so should the children be.

3. There was a struggle. But the other friend, and the victim's younger brother, and the brother's piano teacher did not join the fight? Why was there only one hero here? Also irks me is that the hero did not choose to stab the monster with the sharp end of the martial arts spear. Questions, questions...

4. Let me get this straight: the police said that there was no need to send officers yet? Oh, c'mon. If that's the case, the implication is that we really do not favour preventing crimes, huh? That is just so sad!

In addition to the jail term (which ought to be the maximum 20 years!) and the caning, this rapist monster by the name of Samuel Wang Jian Bin ought to be punished with chemical castration. On second thought, let's make it as a surgical one.

Pity we cannot just apply a simple solution to this case by hanging this shameful creature to death.


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