Revealed: A hidden poem of the National Day theme songs from 1998 to 2011

Firstly, sorry for the difficult font of the previous post, "National Day Parade theme songs from 1998 to 2011!! (And 5 interesting trivia which are not trivial!!)". I'm back to use the classic Arial again.

Not that it's going to interest you, but I'm sure the following poem weaved together from a line each of every National Day theme songs of Singapore from 1998 to this year may nudge your sense of creativity & lead you to compile your own poems from the fantastic song.

This is my version:

When there are troubles to go through,

Let us find in our strides

Let our hopes lead us afar!

And no matter where I am, I will always know

The life that we knew had to change.

It doesn't matter how tough it may be,

Together hand in hand

We'll find a way to start anew.

The time has come for me.

This is my future,

Amazing in all ways!

Yet I still don't know why

That every vision begins with you.

See the moon and the stars,

Sometimes the best things are taken for granted?

In a heartbeat, we will reach the sky!

And these are the screenshots of the National Day theme songs of which each line forms the above verses:


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