A possibly 'ageist' concern to Mr Tony Tan's proposal to raise age limit for taxi drivers from 73 to 75

My concern is how safe the elderly taxi drivers are going to be? Not that I mean to be ageist. But as a passenger, I'd be genuinely concerned of my safety if the taxi driver is that old.

To be fair, I'm trying to find out more the correlation of taxi drivers' age & the accident rate. So far I only come across this interesting file, "Taxi Drivers and Road Safety - A report to Federal Office of Road Safety".

Screenshot of the above Report

Noteworthy is that for the age group 70-79, the percentage of total accidents by the taxi driver is actually very low!!

To conclude, Mr Tony Tan's proposal is indeed a sound one. And it's actually safer to be driven by elderly taxi drivers.

Presidential candidate Dr Tony Tan said that if elected, he hopes to raise the age limit for taxi drivers to 75 years old to encourage older workers to continue working, he also suggested introducing a national taxi drivers day award to recognise cabbies for their contributions.

He said they face challenges such as dealing with unruly passengers and are often portrayed negatively in the media. He hopes more can be done to pay tribute to them when they have done something special, adding this is one way to elevate the profession.

From Asiaone, "Tony Tan: Raise age limit for taxi drivers".

TAXI drivers could continue driving until the age of 75 if presidential candidate Tony Tan wins the upcoming Presidential Election.

The age limit, which was raised from 70 in 2006, currently stands at 73.

The issue of raising the age limit was brought up during an hour-long closed-door dialogue between Dr Tan and 25 leaders from the National Taxi Association (NTA).

"I thought that was a very good suggestion, because the Government is encouraging people to work for as long as possible," Dr Tan, 71, told reporters after the session.

He said that he intends to raise the issue with the Government if he is elected.

He noted that there is no age limit for cabbies in cities such as Hong Kong, and that driving licences here are not subject to an age cap.

Cabbies have to pass a medical test every year once they are 65, and undergo a therapy assessment to test their reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Of some 40,000 active cabbies here, 2,000 are above the age of 70.

Other issues raised during the dialogue included extending health-care coverage for cabbies and the image of taxi drivers.

NTA president Wee Boon Kim, 60, said many cabbies were made to stop at 73 even though they were still healthy and passed the medical check- up every year.

He added that the NTA had approached the authorities in the past, but did not receive any response. Labour chief Lim Swee Say, who was present, told reporters that three in four NTUC-affiliated unions have endorsed Dr Tan for the presidency.

They did so because they want a president who can "enhance the international standing of Singapore" in order to boost foreign investment, he said.

He added that the remaining 25 per cent of unions that decided to stay neutral are either from the aerospace-and-aviation cluster - which could not come to a consensus - or the public sector, which felt it was inappropriate to endorse anyone.

From Asiaone, "Cabbies work till age 75? Why not, says Tony Tan".


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