Patricia Mok says this year NDP is lousy & prefers watching "On the Fringe" 20 times...

What interests me is whether Patricia Mok is going to apologize for her (equally insensitive, I'd opine) remarks on this year NDP. The harsh keywords using were 'stupid', 'lousy', 'waste of time'.

Funny, those are exactly the keywords of how some of us will describe her TV shows. And yeah, in all honesty, watching 'LOST' 20 times is even better than watching whatever stupid-lousy-and waste-of-time her TV shows...whatever they are!

But seriously, though, what is this "On the Fringe" anyway which she quoted?

Is it this one?

On The Fringe 2 Episode 2 Part 1 《边缘父子》Bian Yuan Fu Zi

Or this one?

Fringe Trailer 1

To think I was once impressed at how she donated the money she won in the molest case last year.

'Stupid', 'lousy', 'waste of time', local television celebrity Patricia Mok wrote online, slamming this year's National Day Parade. STOMPer tony was enraged after reading her comments.

First she pointed out in English that this year's Parade had two main stars, and even used 'stupid until...' in her description. Patricia also said she preferred Kit Chan's 'Home' to this year's 'In A Heartbeat'.

Then, she wrote in Chinese: "Wasted one-and-a-half hours of my time watching the National Day Parade! In all history...lousy! In all honesty, watching 'On the Fringe' 20 times is even better than watching tonight's Parade!"

When interviewed, Patricia expressed it was her personal opinion, and perhaps the 'new elements' did not appeal to a 'traditional' viewer like her as she felt it had lost its 'original flavour'. The celebrity also was not able to view the flypast from her house this year.

"Last night (Aug 9), compared to previous shows, I did not see anything familiar when I watched the Parade on television. Perhaps I'm more traditional, old-fashioned," she said, adding that the music did not resonate with the audience. She also said some scenes were difficult to understand and "the whole musical was very flat".

She would also have been very disappointed if she had a child performing in this year's Parade: "On television, I couldn't see any child's face amongst the performers, perhaps due to the angle," she said.

Finally, she felt the performance this year weakened television viewers' excitement. "Last time, at the end of the Parade, I would feel very excited. However, this year my family was very quiet, compared to previous years where we would all discuss the show excitedly afterwards."

Said the STOMPer:

"Patricia Mok criticised the NDP.

"As a Singaporean who does she think she is to say this year's NDP is stupid and a waste of time?

"Singaporeans agree?"

From STOMP, "TV celeb Patricia Mok slams NDP as 'stupid' and 'waste of time'".

MediaCorp actress Patricia Mok has donated to charity S$10,000 paid to her by her alleged molestor.

Ms Mok agreed to compound two outrage of modesty cases with 30—year—old Yeoh Chuen How Monday.

Mr Yeoh was charged with molesting her on June 22 last year at Zirca Mega Club in Clarke Quay.

He was accused of touching Ms Mok’s left shoulder and groping her forearm 15 minutes later.

He gave Ms Mok S$10,000 in compensation.

She has donated the cash to two charities — the HCA Hospice Care and Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School, a school for the mentally disabled.

Each received S$5,000.

Mr Yeoh also apologised to Ms Mok in open court and was granted a discharge by the district judge.

From XinMSN News, "Patricia Mok donates money from molest case to charity". (23/08/10)


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