No further action against Tin Pei Ling & Nicole Seah

Bleah. What an anti-climax. Heh. Yeah, at least it's a closure--somewhat--to "Pwned??? Nicole Seah - cooling-off day restrictions apply on polling day as well."

The Singapore Police Force said in a statement today that no further action will be taken against Marine Parade GRC Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling.

She allegedly posted a comment on her Facebook page on May 6, Cooling-Off Day.

A complaint was lodged against her by Ms Nicole Seah of the National Solidarity Party.

Under the Parliamentary Elections Act, no election advertising is allowed on Cooling-Off Day.

After investigations, the police concluded that the posting was made by one of Ms Tin's friends without her knowledge.

A similar complaint was made against Ms Nicole Seah for posting on her Facebook page on Cooling-Off Day.

However, the police determined that the posting was made by a NSP volunteer who had intended the posting for the day before Cooling-Off Day.

The police have issued a stern warning to Ms Tin's friend for violating the Parliamentary Elections Act.

The NSP volunteer's explanation has also been accepted by the police.

From Asiaone, "No further action against Tin Pei Ling: Police".


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