Mr Tan Kin Lian: to withdraw, or not to withdraw, that is the question (Sorry Shakespeare!)

Tan Kin Lian hints at withdrawing from (Presidential) election

The screenshot from Asiaone above is for sure an annoyance for many. It is for me.

See I may be at times very critical against Mr Tan Kin Lian, but I do credit him for the followings:

1. Being original (I like his idea of having the President's Personal Council to be funded from the president's personal salary.)

2. Being generous (He has pledged to donate a significant part of the annual $4 million presidential salary to charity. Also quoted in "The Fan-TAN-tic Four will run "hand in hand" in the Presidential Race?! (Or will it be clobberin' time??)".)

3. Being bold (He publicly disagreed to Law Minister Mr K Shanmugam's assertation that an Elected President speaking out in public against the Government is "completely unconstitutional". More on this post, "Thanks to Mr K Shanmugam for making the Presidential Election more exciting...".)

Screenshot of Mr Tan Kin Lian's blog, "Statement - Participating in a 4 corner contest"

4. Being hardworking and not afraid to travel overseas to give interviews (Refer to "Tan Kin Lian goes to Batam to give interviews (And how is this supposed to be impressive?!?!)")

5. Being open-minded (And not promoting gambling despite launching an iPhone app that generates numbers for the bi-weekly TOTO lottery as featured in "Kelvin Lee vs Tan Kin Lian: 1 - 0".)

6. Being realistic (He once acknowledged that he sees Dr Tan as his biggest rival in the presidential race!)

7. Being noble (He is willing to think through conditions he may set for another candidate to gain his support & for himself to withdraw from the race. None of the candidates seems to be interested to take his offer. In fact, the other candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bock has successfully scored against Mr Tan as Dr Tan firmly remarked "I'm not open to the possibility of stepping aside. Nothing is going to change my mind about standing"--as documented in "Dr Tan Cheng Bock vs Mr Tan Kin Lian: 1 - 0".)

And of course, the 8th reason is more a personal reason. I do credit Mr Tan Kin Lian for willingly addressing my concern in this post of mine, "Tan Kin Lian President's Personal Council: 3 Reasons I'm Against It...". He posted his comment, not once, but TWICE!. Yay!

So please Mr Tan Kin Lian, do not withdraw. You should not. You must not!

You have come so far. Too far to stop and step back.

To quote the National Day Parade 2007 (one of the two official) theme song, Will You:

So... Will you swim the current?

Will you scale new heights?

Will you make it happen,

Will you let your dreams take flight?

And... Will you make the difference?

Will you seize the day?

Will you live each moment,

Will you dare to find new ways?

All the best for the Presidential election, Mr Tan! (Do check out Mr Tan Kin Lian Official Presidential Campaign Website -

Former NTUC Income Chief Tan Kin Lian said on Friday that he was 'thinking through conditions' he may set for another candidate to gain his support and for himself to withdraw from the race.

Campaign insiders told The Straits Times that Mr Tan might exit the Presidential Election, but has yet to make a final decision.

Mr Tan declined to elaborate.

However, he indicated in his blog that he is keeping his options open.

"Some friends suggested that I consider stepping down to avoid splitting the votes of Singaporeans who prefer to elect a person who is truly independent of the PAP Government.

They suggested that I would gain 'political capital' for making this sacrifice. Having thought over this matter, I am making full preparation for a four-cornered contest," he wrote.

In an email to his team, he said: "I am using the words 'making full preparation' which means the final decision will be made on Aug 17."

This comes a day after the 'four Tans' were cleared for contest in the election. The candidates - Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Dr Tony Tan, Mr Tan Jee Say and Mr Tan Kin Lian - turned up at the Elections Department on Friday to collect their certificates of eligibility.

Calls have mounted for 'non-establishment' candidates to unite behind one Tan.

The arguement is that the 'anti-government' vote may be split among the three - Mr Tan Kin Lian, Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Mr Tan Jee Say - thus clearing the path for former deputy prime minister Tony Tan to the Istana.

However, Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Mr Tan Jee Say told reporters that they were staying put.

Former National Solidarity Party secretary-general Goh Meng Seng told The Straits Times that he would be disappointed if Mr Tan Kin Lian pulled out.

"I think everyone knows a four-cornered fight will benefit Tony Tan. I feel that there should be a politically neutral person in the position of the president and I think Kin Lian is the most neutral among the four. He is the only one who has never contested in a general election," he said.

Mr Anthony Chia, campaign manager for Mr Tan, remains adamant that the team was in the contest to win and that there was 'no Plan B'.

Political observer Alex Au told The Straits Times that he believes that Nomination Day will see just three candidates entering the arena.

From Asiaone, "Tan Kin Lian hints at withdrawing from election".


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