MOE and NHC are taking action against Gay Chao Hui and Rachelle Ann Beguia respectively (The implication is ... )

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A further update on "Gay Chao Hui or Rachelle Ann Beguia (or both?!?!) posted those 'hurtful' comments in MP Penny Low's FB?":

1) MOE acknowledges it's aware of the hurtful comments allegedly by Gay Chao Hui in MP Penny Low's Facebook page; MOE "takes a serious view of the matter" (pls fire this Gay, pls fire this Gay -- 'Gay' as in 'Gay Chao Hui'!!)

2) The National Heart Centre which is the employer of Rachelle Ann Beguia who is Gay Chao Hui's (damned pissed off) wife whose FB account is misused by her cowardly husband (can't speak out using your own FB account, huh?) will take appropriate action against her EVENTHOUGH she had explained that she did not post those insensitive comments.

With regards to point no.1 above, I am looking forward for a just punishment against this Gay Chao Hui. In short, sack him!!

However, concerning point no.2, I am wondering whether NHC was being too harsh to Rachelle Ann Beguia. Of course it is possible that NHC may not be buying her explanation that it's her spineless husband who posted those outrageous comments.

Well, Rachelle. The only way you can clear the air is by sacking your husband permanently from your life. In short, divorce him!!

While I wholeheartedly respect the sacred bond of Marriage, I believe that your husband, Gay Chao Hui has failed in his promise to be true to you in good times and in bad. Heck, he is the one who ushers in the bad times to you.

Think about it.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) posted a comment on its Facebook page yesterday afternoon, acknowledging that it is aware of Mr Gay Chao Hui's Facebook comments insulting Singaporeans.

The Ministry said that it "takes a serious view of the matter" and will look into it.

In a recent development on Saturday, Mr Gay, who is a teacher at Tampines Junior College, owned up to using his Filippino wife's Facebook account to post comments insulting Singaporeans on Member of Parliament Penny Low's Facebook page.

The Facebook posts made were in Ms Low's defence when she was caught using her iPhone during the national anthem at this year's National Day Parade. It described Singaporeans as "moronic" whose "loyalty" and "patriotism" will be dropped "at the first sign of trouble" and said Singaporean NSmen will "declare they are ready to pack up and run" when asked to fight a war.

Mr Gay had apparently made those postings without his wife's knowledge.

While he had apologised for this actions on his wife's Facebook account, netizens are skeptical about the apology, saying that he might even be taking the fall for his wife.

Netizens were concerned at the fact that Mr Gay is an educator, reported citizen journalism website Stomp.

A Facebook user named Wak Enal Zainal said that Mr Gay's posting was a "disgrace" regardless of whether he was a foreigner or local, while another Facebook user named Douglas Ho wondered if he understood the "gravity of the situation".

His wife, Rachelle Ann Beguia, who works at the National Heart Centre (NHC) as a clerk, has been dealt with accordingly.

The National Heart Centre posted on their Facebook page:

"Our investigations into Ms Rachelle Ann Beguai's case have concluded.

"Although Ms Beguai had explained that she did not post those comments, she is accountable to NHCS.

"Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken against her."

Couple probed over comments on MP's FB page

EMPLOYERS of the husband-and-wife pair responsible for incendiary remarks made on MP Penny Low's Facebook page have launched investigations into the comments made.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) and National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) have released statements saying that they are looking into the case involving Tampines Junior College teacher Gay Chao Hui and his wife, nurse Rachelle Ann Beguia, respectively.

The derogatory comments were posted on Ms Low's Facebook page to rebut criticisms made against the MP of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, after she was spotted looking at her mobile phone while the National Anthem was being sung at last week's National Day Parade.

In a post, the MP apologised and explained that she was too "caught up in the wonderful NDP 2011 celebrations" and had "wanted to capture that moment of pride".

However, Ms Beguia's comments, posted last Wednesday, riled netizens because of her disparaging jab at Singaporeans, whom she described as "moronic" and whose "loyalty and patriotism" would be dropped "at the first sign of trouble".

Her comments were subsequently deleted from Ms Low's Facebook page. By then, it had already garnered more than 600 responses, most of which condemned her comments.

A twist came a few days later when Mr Gay claimed responsibility for the comments, and apologised to people who were "hurt" by his postings, as well as to NHCS.

The 34-year-old civics tutor said he had used his wife's Facebook account without her knowledge to post the comments that had "inflamed many Singaporeans".

However, most netizens are unconvinced. One of them, Haziq Evan Rose, feels that Mr Gay is merely taking the rap for his Filipino wife, adding: "Your writing style is...clearly different from Rachelle's."

An MOE spokesman said that the ministry takes a "serious view of Gay's reported actions and statements on the Internet" and will take "appropriate disciplinary action".

NHCS also reacted to the controversy on its Facebook page, saying that it regrets the "insensitive comments" made by Ms Beguia, and that the organisation does not condone such behaviour.

Investigations have been concluded and appropriate disciplinary actions have been taken against her, said a spokesman on the NHCS Facebook page.

When contacted, Ms Low said that she does not wish to make further comments aside from her apology on Facebook.

From Asiaone, "Teacher who posted comments insulting S'poreans in hot water".


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