June Boon Miew Hui offers sex via Facebook ... Not!!

June Boon Miew Hui does not use Facebook to offer sex Photo Source

So please stop bothering Ms June Boon Miew Hui. The above statement "June Boon Miew Hui does not use Facebook to offer sex" is stricken because it might been implied that she offers sex using other medium than Facebook. It's wrong! She does not offer sex at all. Period.

On another note, I'm quite amused on how 'true' to the source Straits Times decided to print its article online. The original article from the Star is titled as "Woman: Ex-boyfriend set up FB page saying I offer sex" whereas the Straits Times titled it as "Ex-boyfriend set up FB page saying I offer sex: Woman".

Beautiful. Just nicely re-arranged the sequence. LOL. Effective, indeed.

Screenshot of Straits Times, "Ex-boyfriend set up FB page saying I offer sex: Woman"

A factory operator is claiming that her former boyfriend has created a Facebook (FB) page with her mobile number and stating that she offers sex services.

June Boon Miew Hui, 30, said the incident took place after her boyfriend, who is eight years younger than her, decided to end their relationship after a month.

She claimed she had received more than 100 SMSes and calls from Facebook users since July 28 asking her for sex services.

“I've been harassed by messages and calls, even in the middle of the night, from men asking suggestive questions and what kind of services I specialise in,” she said during a press conference organised by Johor MCA public complaints bureau chief Chia Song Cheng.

She said she met the 22-year-old man, who works as a plastic injection moulder, through a social networking site and they immediately began dating in May.

Boon said everything went well until a month later when she received a text message from her boyfriend saying that he wanted to end their relationship.

She added that she wanted to find out what had gone wrong and contacted him via SMS and Facebook, saying he had toyed with her feelings.

“He then replied with texts warning me to be careful, your phone number is going to be famous' and a lot of people are going to come and look for you',” she added.

“I want to come clean and clarify that I am not a prostitute nor am I offering any kind of sex services as portrayed by the Facebook page and I urge the public to stop bothering me.”

Chia said he contacted Boon's ex-boyfriend who admitted to sending the messages but denied setting up the FB page.

From the Star, "Woman: Ex-boyfriend set up FB page saying I offer sex".


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