Gay Chao Hui or Rachelle Ann Beguia (or both?!?!) posted those 'hurtful' comments in MP Penny Low's FB?

A further twist of plot is revealed (also to follow up for "Rachelle Ann Beguia & her case of Courage under Fire...under a LOT of fire!!"): the outrageous posts in MP Penny Low's Facebook by one Rachelle Ann Beguia may not be from one Rachelle Ann Beguia. The disgrace is now claimed by one Gay Chao Hui who asserts that he is Rachelle Ann Beguia's husband.

Rachelle Ann Beguia or Gay Chao Hui? | Photo Source

True or false? The following questions I'm currently wondering about:

1. Is it true that Gay Chao Hui really exists?

2. Is it true that Gay Chao Hui is the husband of Rachelle Ann Beguia?

3. Is it true that Gay Chao Hui is a bloody coward who expressed his harsh opinion against his own countrymen (aka Singaporeans) using his wife's Facebook account?

Further googling the Net on "gay chao hui", I come across this VR-Zone Forum, "Pinoy Rachelle’s Husband Gay Chao Hui Claimed He Was The One Who Posted Remarks". Somebody has done a very thorough investigation works on the subject, Gay Chao Hui. He/she posted photos & personal details of Gay Chao Hui.

Thus, the Question no.1 is answered as True. Gay Chao Hui does exist--and it seems that his full name is Gay Chao Hui, Joachim. (Or is it Joachime? Heh.)

In addition, the Question no.2 is also answered as True based on the following screenshot from the same VR-Zone Forum page. I still prefer to see their marriage certificate, though. Alas, that screenshot is not available online.

(Possible) "Facts" about Gay Chao Hui, Joachime or Gay Chao Hui, Joachim

With regards to Question no.3, it is somewhat inconclusive. It's difficult to imagine any man to be spineless enough to use his own wife's identity to voice out his opinion. It's equally difficult to imagine Rachelle Ann Beguia to later on push the blame to her husband for her opinion.

When those insensitive posts were blazing the Net, the National Heart Center--the employer of Rachelle Ann Beguia--has pointed out that an official enquiry shall be carried out. Now, will we hear Tampines Junior College to carry out the similar enquiry against Gay Chao Hui who works there as a Civics Tutor?

Some may suggest that both of them may be the culprit. But if that's the case, why don't they choose to do it anonymously? I mean, they are surely not that idiotic, are they?!

Hmm...well, let's just wait & see how this curious case further twists itself to the light.

A man named Gay Chao Hui has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the remarks posted on Member of Parliament Penny Low's Facebook page which criticised Singaporeans.

He claimed that he posted the remarks using his wife Rachelle Ann Beguia's Facebook account without her knowledge.

Gay also apologised to The National Heart Centre and those hurt by his remarks, including his wife.

"I have also subjected my wife to immense emotional distress.

"I would like to express my remorse and deepest apologies to the people of Singapore who have been hurt by my remarks," he said.

The apology was posted using Ms Beguia's account.

Earlier this week, a foreigner working at The National Heart Centre caused an outrage among netizens for criticising Singapore on MP Penny Low's Facebook page.

Ms Rachelle Ann Beguia had described Singaporeans as "moronic" whose "loyalty" and "patriotism" will be dropped "at the first sign of trouble."

She added that Singaporean NSmen will "declare they are ready to pack up and run" when asked to fight a war.

Ms Beguia had posted these comments in Ms Low's defence when the latter was caught on camera using her iPhone when the national anthem was being sung during the National Day Parade.

Netizens were quick to react to Mr Gay's apologies.

A Facebook user named Wak Enal Zainal said that Gay's posting was a "disgrace" regardless of whether he was a foreigner or local.

Another Facebook user named Douglas Ho urged Gay to surrender to the police and asked him whether he understood the gravity of the situation.

From Asiaone, "Man claims he posted hurtful comments using wife's Facebook account".


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