Congratulations President Tan ... !!

Yeah, bad choice for a title. A Tan will surely win the Presidency. Which Tan? Now that's the question we're all waiting for the answer. Heh.

Presidential hopefuls Tony Tan and Tan Cheng Bock crossed paths at Admiralty Secondary School in Woodlands, just before 1.30pm today.

On Polling Day, presidential candidates are not allowed to campaign but they may observe the process.

All presidential candidates were off to an early start today to cast their votes, after which they set off to other polling stations to make visits.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock was resuming his visits of polling stations after taking a break at home, when he ran into Dr Tony Tan, who was just leaving, reported The Straits Times.

It was reported that Dr Tony Tan had asked Dr Tan Cheng Bock if they could shake hands, as election rules prohibit candidates from campaigning on Polling Day, including shaking the hands of voters at polling centres.

Eventually the two former MPs shared a warm handshake as they exchanged greetings.

To await results, Dr Tony Tan will be at Toa Payoh Stadium tonight.

Tan Jee Say

Presidential candidate Tan Jee Say has visited six polling stations so far, including the one at Hougang this morning.

When asked why he had chosen to visit polling stations in the Aljunied and Hougang - both opposition wards - by a reporter, he replied that he will be visiting others in PAP strongholds as well.

Mr Tan will be at Bedok Stadium tonight to wait for the results.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock

Former Ayer Rajah MP Tan Cheng Bock has visited five polling stations since he cast his vote at the Ghim Moh Language Centre slightly before 9.45am today.

He has since returned home for a break.

He will be at Jurong Stadium tonight.

Tan Kin Lian

Former NTUC Income chief Tan Kin Lian casted his vote at about 10.15am at Pei Hwa Secondary School today. Speaking to reporters, he said he expects the results of the presidential election to be "close".

The 63-year-old told The Straits Times he was "quite confident" he would do well in this election, believing that the 'silent majority' will be out to vote for him.

Mr Tan and his supporters will gather at a private home in Begonia Road for the announcement of the outcome of the presidential election race.

From Asiaone, "Presidential hopefuls make visits to polling stations".


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