Blog Day 31/08 and the 6 Recommended Blogs

This post is my entry for "Nuffnang Celebrates BlogDay!".

In case you wonder (to quote from Nuffnang): "Blog Day was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest."

Here are the 6 recommended blogs I choose to be featured for the Blog Day today:

1) Elizabeth May Photography

Astonishing shots. Even if some of them were taken by disposable cameras!


Charming. Simple, but with a lot of details.

3) Guide Puppy Dog

A dog is really a man's best friend. Or in this case, a blogger's.

4) I found your pen

Highly original. Unusual, albeit somewhat a senseless quest? (Kind of remind me to my old rather dying site of "Because the moon already does another's...". Sigh.)

5) Calling People Names

Mostly words. Mostly captivating words. You'll be hooked once if you give this wordy blog a chance.

6) Old Picture of the Day

A historical photograph every day? Surprisingly not a bore. Heh.


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