Another Home (The 'Other' National Day Video): featuring Ulu Pandan Bear or Pedobear?

LOL. So have you been dazzled by Chua Enlai in the 'other' National Day video titled, "Another Home"? It was uploaded last month (28 July, to be precise) and as per today 2350 hrs, the hilarious clip has gathered 62,768 views!

Tongue-in-cheek Chua Enlai

What puzzles me is the appearance of the bear! What does it refer to? Is it about the legend (hoax) of Ulu Pandan Bear? (Refer to Channel NewsAsia, "'Bear sighting' publicity stunt now a public nuisance case".)

Surely it can't refer to Pedobear?! I fail to see how it's relevant, if it's indeed meant as Pedobear. Hur hur.


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