Xia Xinyu declares her love to Nicholas Tse (what a distraction as Nicholas Tse is troubled with the impending divorce with Cecilia Cheung?!)

The young model, Xia Xinyu might be sweet, but her timing sucks big time! She declares her love openly to Nicholas Tse. Does she not read about the storm brewing the marriage of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung? Or is it that she's just quick to trigger more tremors to the shaky relationship of the two?

Whatever it is, she's smart enough to gain publicity for herself. As per now, I'm perfectly sure that there are (yes) 'many people' trying to google for 'xia xinyu'. Heh. The following photos are from various sources from the Net.

Young Chinese model Xia Xinyu has openly declared her love for troubled Hong Kong star, Nicholas Tse.

The 21-year-old got to know Tse, 31, earlier this year after working together with him on a shoot for a commercial.

According to Hong Kong tabloids, Xia, who looks like a younger version of Tse's estranged wife Cecilia Cheung, is a famous Internet personality in China and has made several appearances in movies and serials.

During the filming of the commercial, Xia posted in her micro-blog account that she had idolised Tse since she was in primary school, and said she never thought she would get the opportunity to play his lover in the commercial.

She described the experience as 'nervous and exciting'.

She also uploaded photos taken from the shoot of them hugging, saying "it's important to find a handsome husband".

On July 6, she wrote: "I want to become your favourite. I want to be your only love. I want to live inside your heart. I want to possess every inch of your heart, and let everybody know that you belong to me."

From Asiaone, "Chinese model openly declares love for Nicholas Tse".

Cecilia Cheung's long wait is finally over. Her estranged hubby Nicholas Tse boarded the first flight out to Hong Kong from KLIA on Friday morning.

The Hong Kong action star, who spent two months filming Against War in Kuala Lumpur amid his much-publicised marital breakdown, flew MAS business class, flight no. MH 072 which departed at 9.15am.

Well, he was fashionably late. The actor arrived at the airport around 8.30am - with a horde of female fans in tow.

When approached by The Daily Chilli, a seemingly calm Nicholas said he would miss Malaysia very much. "But I hope to come back," he said with a smile.

He declined to talk about his private life, but judging from his body language, it's all over between him and his actress wife of five years.

His only concern now is his two sons - Lucas, 4 and Quintus, 1.

Nicholas and Cecilia are tipped to meet back home on Friday evening to discuss the future of their two kids, and the power couple's separation.

As her personal assistant told sina.com, "Cecilia wants the best for her kids. That includes having their dad (Nicholas) around them."

From Asiaone, "A troubled Nicholas Tse leaves KL for HK". (09/07/11)


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