Tan Kin Lian goes to Batam to give interviews (And how is this supposed to be impressive?!?!)

Why will he not be visiting Jakarta, instead? Surely Mr Tan Kin Lian is aware that the capital city of Indonesia is still Jakarta, and not Batam. Hur hur.

PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Tan Kin Lian will be visiting Batam on Sunday to do interviews with the local press there, according to his campaign office.

In a statement sent to The Straits Times, his office said that the interviews will give Mr Tan an opportunity to 'extend greetings, on behalf of Singaporeans, to the people of Batam as Indonesia will be celebrating its Independence Day soon'.

It added that he would also be meeting with Singaporeans, and 'take the opportunity to view the progress of developments there as there are many Singapore investments'.

The statement also quoted Mr Tan as saying he is impressed by the developments in Batam over the years.

'Each time I go there, I see more projects taking off. This is good as it means there are more jobs. I also find the people here very friendly and helpful. I wish the people of Batam a peaceful and prosperous future. I also hope that the good relations between our two countries will continue so that we can visit each other more often,' he said.

A campaign source told The Straits Times that the trip would show that Mr Tan is 'capable of handling international relations and foreign reporters'.

Mr Tan, 63, is due to meet with reporters from Batam media outlets at a hotel there. These outlets are: newspapers Batam Pos, Haluan Kepri, and Tribunnews Batam, as well as Radio Sing FM. Following the press conference, Mr Tan will likely tour shopping areas in Batam which are popular with Singaporeans, to 'shake hands with them', according to the campaign source.

From Straits Times, "Tan Kin Lian to visit Batam on Sunday".


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