SPH Red Apple Day 7/7/11 - words, photos, and...more blood, please?? (Special thanks to Ms. Naomi Goh of SPH)

The yesterday SPH Red Apple Day resulted to 234 units of blood from 307 donors. Compare that to the previous SPH Red Apple Day on 25 January this year: 166 units of blood from 280 donors.

Regarding the goodies, it's a pity I was mistaken in this post, "SPH Red Apple Day 2011 - redux". There were still freebies given out by Asiaone. Darn. They foiled my attempt to study how freebies affect the blood donation drive. Now the finding is inconclusive. (What I hope to see is more donation despite the inexistence of goodies for this event!)

Still it's an event very well-organized. Kudos for SPH team. This year also marked the year of which TWO Red Apple Days are organized.

I emailed an inquiry to one kind lady, Ms Naomi Goh of SPH Corporate Communications on whether I needed a special permission to take photos of the event. To eliminate the possibility that I'm one kind of unique pervert who have the habit to take the photos of blood donors, I explained that I aimed to blog about the event after the blood donation.

To my surprise, she promptly replied my email. The surprise was because I sent as a blogger, Anonymous_X. In retrospect, it is indeed impolite. Still the kind lady did reply my email.

She even donated her blood during the event! (Now you have no doubt why the use of 'kind lady' repeatedly twice in the previous 2 paragraphs! Heh.)

Moreover she obliged a rather belated interview carried out via emails.
Thank you, Ms. Goh.

Here are her noteworthy quotes I'd like to share:
1) I would definitely love to be a regular donor, but having to travel to the main HQ to donate is somewhat a hassle. Having Red Apple Day twice at year at SPH makes it very convenient, and encourages SPH staff and public living in the area to come down to donate.

2) I think free gifts are always good, especially to show appreciation to the blood donors for their effort and generosity.

3) We sent out posters and mailers to surrounding offices and malls, as well as secondary schools and JCs. I suppose we could also seek assistance from bloggers like yourself, who document the event and share it with the online community.

The reasons I'm quoting the above 3 of hers are as follows:
1) For the point no.1, one can always refer to this webpage, "Singapore Bloodmobiles" to get to know when and where the next blood donation drive will be.

2) I somewhat disagree with her, but I respect her opinion. So if more are willing to sponsor for the free gifts to entice more blood donors, perhaps it's after all acceptable. The keypoint is 'more' blood donors.

3) More publicity of the event is always good. True. So any more bloggers care to join for the next blood donation drive? Check out the website "Singapore Bloodmobiles" & blog about it.

Okay, enough of a wordy post, check out some of the photos I shot:

1. The first sight that greeted you when you walked towards the SPH News Centre: Red Apple baloon!

2. The direction is quite clear. The photo was taken near the security booth.

3. At the entrance to the auditorium, you'll see the Asiaone booth (for the freebies) at your right.

4. At your left, you'll see the registration booth. Prior to that you'll need to get Declaration form filled in. (The proper name for the form is 'Donor Health Assessment Questionnaire' - you can view the questions here.)

5. The mascot for the event. Cute.

6. After registration, proceed into the Auditorium. There will be 2 more booths to go to: one is for the doctor to go through your Declaration form. He also shall take the reading of your blood pressure. And once he okayed, you can go ahead to another booth for check of blood haemoglobin level. Sorry, no photos. Nervous. Hur hur. (More on blood donation process here.)

7. You wonder of whom the photographers were busy taking the photos? Yeah, me too. (Only after reading the Asiaone article, "2nd SPH Red Apple Day sees 307 donors", then I realize the target of the photographers were Mr Alan Chan, the CEO of SPH--his photo below (from Asiaone article, Desmond Lim's camera is very powerful. Heh.):

Mr Alan Chan really leads by example. Well done, Sir.

8. Another photo of the Auditorium. The red chairs were used for the 2 booths mentioned in no.6.

9. And the fun pack of the event? Hur hur. Including one Asiaone notebook. Well, what one actually need is the iron pills to be taken twice daily & plenty of water & within 3 days you should have replenished those donated 450 ml blood.

The SPH Red Apple Day, which was held at the Singapore Press Holdings News Centre auditorium Thursday, collected a total of 234 units of blood from 307 donors.

The bi-annual blood donation drive for both SPH staff and the public was jointly organised with the Singapore Red Cross Society.

The first SPH Red Apple Day this year was held on January 25, 2011 and collected a total of 166 units of blood from 280 donors.

Mr Alan Chan, chief executive officer of SPH who was also a donor, said: "This is the first time we have increased the blood donation drive from once to twice yearly. SPH will continue to work with the Singapore Red Cross to assist in its blood donation drive.

"We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the donors, volunteers and sponsors for their relentless support for the SPH Red Apple Day."

AsiaOne was also present to give out freebies such as AsiaOne notebooks and umbrellas to donors as a reward for their goodwill.

Those who had downloaded AsiaOne's iPhone apps also qualified for a lucky draw where they can win AsiaOne jackets, dining or shopping vouchers.

The SPH Red Apple Day is supported by SPH MediaBoxOffice, AsiaOne, SPH UnionWorks´ 91.3 FM and Radio 100.3, Benelux, Centrum, Cerebos, Gardenia, Marigold and Nestle.

SPH is also supported by Beatty Secondary School, whose students volunteered at the blood donation drive today.

From Asiaone, "2nd SPH Red Apple Day sees 307 donors".


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