SingTel fined ONLY $40,000 for selling sex games?

Finally an update to this post, "Singtel "Amateur Housewives" ... the solution to Singapore's declining birthrate?!". The outcome? SingTel was fined $40,000. Yes, you read it right. Only $40,000?!

C'mon!! We don't even know whether this amount is the maximum of such a penalty.

Any Presidential candidates care to share their thoughts in this issue? I mean, everyone nowadays can afford to own a handphone & thus, may be exposed to this kind of morally shattering game (Right? Right!). So in a sense, this incident may be of the similar level affecting many like that of the possible fare hike of public transports!

SingTel has been fined $40,000 for selling sex games for mobile phones, with some featuring rape and bestiality themes.

It is the first time an Internet service provider in Singapore has been fined for such a breach in the Internet Code of Practice.

The Straits Times reported that the Media Development Authority (MDA) decision comes three months after a member of the public spotted the games for sale on SingTel's website.

The reader had sent in screenshots of the website featuring titillating game titles such as "Hot Amateur Housewives" and "Casanova: Sexy Housewives" to Stomp on April 21.

The titles were removed within hours on the same day.

MDA told The Straits Times that it had found 11 games offered on the SingTel Ideas website to have contained images of scantily clad or nude women, and two of the games featured themes of rape and bestiality.

Two other providers, M1 and Starhub, also offered sex-theme games but escaped being fined as MDA deemed them to be acceptable within the guidelines.

Under the Internet Code of Practice, prohibited content include depiction of nudity or genitalia, sexual violence, homosexuality, incest and paedophilia.

A SingTel spokesman said the company has reviewed and tightened its content publishing and posting procedures.

M1 and Starhub both told The Straits Times that they have also decided to discontinue the sale of mature-themed mobile phone games.

All three companies declined to disclose how long the games were available on their websites and how many times they were downloaded by customers.

From Asiaone, "SingTel fined for selling sex games".

Update: Apparently the maximum fine for this case is $50,000.

These, said the MDA, were "offensive to good taste and decency and constitute materials prohibited under the Internet Code of Practice," consequently imposing a fine that was close to the maximum possible $50,000 for breaching the code.

Under the Internet Code of Practice in Singapore, any depiction of nudity or genitalia, sexual violence, homosexuality, incest and paedophilia is not allowed.

Partially quoted from Yahoo! News, "SingTel fined $40,000 for selling sex-themed mobile phone games".


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