Serene Fairy Tng Tuck Lee: A fairy godmother for stray cats (She steals for them!!)

This is supposed to be an inspiring story of a modern Robin Hood lady who steals for the sake of forsaken stray cats.

Then again, it is not.

Especially so because of her stealing the cosmetics. Surely the stray cats do not need such facial pampering. Well, unless she stole them and re-sold them and then used the money to fund the lifestyle of her stray cats.

Right. Who am I kidding?!

A DIVORCEE was fined $4,000 for stealing $390 worth of products from a pet shop in Sengkang in June last year.

Serene Fairy Tng Tuck Lee, 45, bought $100 worth of pet food from the Pet Station store in the Compass Point mall on June 3. After she left, staff viewed the security video and noticed her stealing $166 worth of other items including pet cologne and eye powder.

Four days later, she returned to steal pet food, eye lotion and supplements, and was caught red-handed.

Her lawyer Rajan Supramaniam said that his client, who was financially tight, used the stolen items for the stray cats she took in.

A third charge for stealing $1,070 worth of cosmetics a month earlier from Pink Beauty Cosmetics in Ang Mo Kio was taken into consideration in her sentencing.

From Straits Times, "Fined $4,000 for stealing items for stray cats".


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