Ruan Weixi - a rumoured mistress of Nicholas Tse or just an ardent fan?

It may be a great publicity for Ruan Weixi, but to have it with a label of 'a rumoured mistress'?! Nah, that is just so wrong, isn't it?

Recently, the picture of a girl together with Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse has been circulating online, according to Chinamosh website.

It is speculated that the girl in the photo is his Mainland-based mistress.

Some tabloids recently reported that Tse has been keeping a mistress for the past two years and that this may be the reason why his estranged wife Cecilia Cheung staged a photograph exposé with ex-lover Edison Chen to get back at him.

The cause of their seemingly impending divorce may also be attributed to this cause, notes the same source.

About the mistress, word is that she is rich and lives in Beijing.

She is said to be known as Ruan Weixi (nickname Big Child VC) and she is known for her online shop 'Big Child'.

More sources say she was born in the 90s in Shangyu, Zhejiang province, and her height is 167 cm.

From Yahoo! News, "Nicholas Tse's mistress in China?".

As for Nicholas’ rumored mistress of two years in Beijing, netizens posted a photo of the actor with a pretty young lady, called Ruan Weixi (阮维希), aka VC Ruan, which went viral on the Net.

But many raised questions about the truthfulness as the photo looks more like an ardent fan asking to take a picture with a famous celebrity.

I also found out that on a trading website, Weixi, a shop owner on Taobao, used this photo to promote the black business suit she wore, saying it brought her luck as she bumped into Nicholas and Cecilia at a Hong Kong IFC Mall.

“Nicholas is waiting for Cecilia outside while she is shopping. What a great husband!” she wrote.

Partially quoted from May Daily, "Nicholas’ mom slaps Cecilia, tells her to “die”".


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