Phoebe Hui Wing ... NOT naked ... In Apple Daily 2011.05.31

The clip above of Phoebe Hui Wing (not naked!!) must be a kinda follow-up to this post, "Phoebe Hui: The nude photos are mine!". I tag this post under 'artwork'. Yeah, you might disagree...but who cares?!

For those who still fervently google for 'phoebe hui naked photo', this wordpress site might interest you: phoebehuisnakedphotoleaked

Consider the stupidity of getting one's naked photo leaked as a lesson. Or as a sure ticket to gain fame/notority.

You choose.

PS. There's an earlier clip on "Phoebe Hui" titled, "34D 許穎 除了身材還會畫畫" which has gathered 128,281 views since it's uploaded on 08 Jan this year.


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