The New Paper allegedly recycles the photos featured 2 years ago in STOMP?!

I'm impressed by one incredibly loyal reader of my blog who promptly pointed out to me that the previous post of mine, "Cafe Miss Cutie, Vietnamese coffeehouses and their sexy waitress 'threatened' by the Garden Grove Police Department?!" which also has a link to the New Paper article has led to him realizing that the 2 photos posted in the New Paper have previously been uploaded in STOMP.

The article he's referring to is this one, "KL's kopi tiam Hooters': An idea for S'pore coffee shops?" dated 28/09/09.

If you scroll down the STOMP article above, he pointed out, you'll come across the 2 exact photos (well, except for the STOMP logo on the photos) which are also featured in the New Paper article today (03/07/11), "California coffee houses".

The two STOMP photos are reproduced as follows:

The following possibilities are to be considered:
1. The New Paper accidentally uploaded the photos from STOMP.
If this is true, it may be an honest mistake.

2. The New Paper photo source is correct (referring to California coffee houses).
In other words: the STOMP article is incorrect. Another honest mistake. That happens.

3. The New Paper and STOMP article both have the wrong photos.
If that's the case, the photos have nothing to do with either California coffee houses or KL kopitiam.

So which is which?

Honestly I can't be bothered. I like to make my own coffee and not served by anyone (pretty or otherwise, full clothing or lack of it, here in Singapore or elsewhere).

Still a word of credit to my loyal reader. This post is for you. (Your email is not always banished to the trash bin, my friend. Heh.)


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