Mobile Evolution LLP: of the bloody pricey iPad2 and MORE complaints...

Read the stressful Relax article, "Tourist pays $2,000 for $900 iPad 2" if you are a Filipino tourist, if you're thinking to get an iPad2 which costs MUCH more than the actual market price.

Just come to Sim Lim Square and head for this shop: Mobile Evolution LLP.

Grab your $2.106 iPad2 at Mobile Evolution LLP now!!

Here's the Relax article:
How does one end up paying more than $2,000 for an item that costs only about $900?

Filipino client support executive Nicholas Frias, 23, who visited Singapore last month, did.

He paid $2,106 for the 64GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi to a shop in Sim Lim Square.

Mr Frias, who arrived in Singapore on June 20, first went to other malls but found that they were sold out.

He then went to Sim Lim Square around 4pm on June 25.

Delighted at first

He was, at first, delighted to find out that the 64GB iPad 2 at Mobile Evolution LLP cost $890, before taxes. The same model is priced at $928 at the online Apple Store.

The salesman, Eric, then charged Mr Frias another $68 for taxes, and asked $958 for the device.

Mr Frias agreed to pay another $28.90 for a warranty which came with a free case and screen protector.

Eric then left the shop and returned 10 minutes later with a $1,148 bill that shocked Mr Frias.

Apparently, the huge bill was for coverage for two years and the $28.90 quoted was the monthly premium. That added up to a total of $693.60, still $454.40 short of the $1,148 charged.

The shop did not state what the additional $454.40 was charged to at that point. They also refused to reduce the warranty period when Mr Frias asked for it.

In shock and not wanting to cause any trouble, Mr Frias just signed for it. He ended up paying a total of $2,106.

He returned a few hours later with some friends in the hope of negotiating a settlement with the shop but to no avail.

And when he asked for an itemised bill he got another shock.

Mr Frias was told that apart from the 24-month warranty priced at $693.60, the remaining $454.40 was for unlocking the iPad 2.

Eric reportedly said that they had unlocked the iPad 2 because it was imported from the US and there was a charge for this.

Mr Frias claims that calm negotiations soon turned into a shouting match when it became clear that the retailer was not going to refund any money to Mr Frias.

He went to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) but was advised to go to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) as Case does not handle cases involving tourists.

A spokesman for STB said: "STB served as mediator between the complainant Mr Nicholas Frias and the retailer Mobile Evolution LLP.

"STB contacted the retailer on 29 June 2011 and was given to understand that the two years' warranty paid for by Mr Frias was an in-house warranty offered by the retailer."

She added: "Mr Frias chose to purchase the warranty but found out later that warranty prices offered elsewhere were lower."

As of last Friday, STB had managed to mediate a settlement between the store and Mr Frias. He has agreed to settle for a refund of $550 from the retailer.

Said Mr Frias: "I feel really angry and terrible. When I first arrived, I was really impressed with Singapore because it was so beautiful, clean and secure.

"I didn't think that I would get cheated because Singapore is known for being safe.

He left for the Philippines on July 2.

When The New Paper went down to Mobile Evolution LLP yesterday, the salesman, who gave his name as Alex, declined to quote an exact price.

"Different salesmen sell at difference prices. For me, I prefer to sell iPads in a package," Alex said.

He estimated that the price of a 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi package ranges from $1,399 to more than $1,800.

The Apple Store and Apple authorised resellers sell the 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi for $668.

Alex said the $1,399 iPad 2 is imported from the US and is not covered by any warranty here. The $1,800 model has a warranty policy included.

When asked if the warranty was an in-house one, Alex said that it wasn't. It was the usual Apple limited warranty that comes with all iPads.

An Apple spokesman said every iPad is automatically supported by the Apple limited warranty for a year. This limited warranty is free and is also covered internationally.

Should a customer wish to extend the technical support and hardware coverage for up to two years from the original purchase date, the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPad is available at a retail price of $118.

The AppleCare Protection Plan can be purchased online or from Apple authorised resellers in Singapore.

Pity that CASE do not handle cases involving tourists. Interesting, but regrettable, no?

The reaction of the victim, Mr Nicholas Frias is as expected leaning towards over-dramatization. He swears off Singapore?! Oh well, big loss really.

Let's close down this Mobile Evolution LLP, shall we? They have caused great unhappiness to the tourist who further bad-mouthed the name of Singapore childishly. Sheesh.

Seriously the whole incident leads me to wonder whether or not there were other complaints against this Mobile Evolution LLP.

Yes, there were. Here are some of them:
1. From Complaints Board, "Mobile Evolution LLP Complaints - No goods after collected money" (02/08/11):
Purchase ipod 3G services, paid money and collect later. Goods never received and keep saying "coming soon".

Almost 1 month has past and still did not received any thing after payment. Can the relevent aurothity looks into this matter, as seen from the web, quite a lot of people have been targeted.

I don't know how long will my son able to take his goods then.

Really a-pain-in-the-neck.

2. From Complaints Board, "Mobile Evolution LLP SIM LIM SQUARE" (16/10/10):
I bought an IPAD and i was along with it sold apple store 2years user license for S$299/- which is a fraud, along with it i was sold a hardisk containing 300 WII games for another 200 S$ which i later learnt did not work.

Authorities should take strict action against these people as they are spoiling the reputation of a Nation known for safety and Honesty.

3. From Wiki Scams, "Mobile Evolution LLP Scam" (17/09/10):
I also got cheated yesterday by them. They say can modify my PSP and they charge me $67. Aftr I check my PSP it said restricted content for games made in other countries. Then I ask them why I cant play other games they say need to unlock other countries games and need to pay extra $30 for each country to be unlocked I then suspected and went to another shop and inquired and they said the shop has cheated me. So i went back and argued and they say got two types of modification and mine which they modified is soft mod and can only play some PHB files and not ISO/CSO files. They say the one who modified had no idea of which modification i wanted and was a mistake. they then said the money cant be refunded.

The company incharge should take a look at these matters as there are so many complaints on this shop and furthermore they have recently changed the shop name too. BEWARE FELLAS!!!


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