Miss Singapore World: What, no bikini? (Alternatively: Nude ... NOT!)

Considering the first round audition of Miss Singapore World contestants had been carried out with them only wearing bikinis while being bombarded by the so-called intellectual questions, I'm very much puzzled with the sudden decision of Raymund Ooi a businessman aka the Chosen One to run the local franchise of Miss World title.

The curious condition of answering the interview questions while wearing only bikinis had reportedly led to "two women (candidates) broke out in rashes due to their nerves, while others stammered and tried to regain control of their shaky voices."

What a trauma.

And now Raymund Ooi is being "noble" by cutting or reducing the swimwear segment to "a quick walk-through"?!

No, sorry, I'm not buying this bullshit.

Raymund Ooi told The Sunday Times some time in January this year: "I'm not going to rely on flashy ads and marketing campaigns to win Singaporeans back to this event."

Sure, he'll just rely on the controversial approach of making the candidates answering the 'intellectual' questions wearing nothing except bikinis.

Fantastic! Or to be precise, Funtastic for the 3 male judges, for sure, eh? Snigger, snigger.

Seriously, the humiliated candidates of Miss Singapore World ought to feedback immediately to Miss World CEO Julia Morley about the outrageous method of the audition...

...no, pity her email address is not mentioned in Miss World website.

But hey, one can always feedback use the website's CONTACT US page.

For those who are genuinely disgusted with how the first round audition was conducted, feel free to submit your feedback. Speak now or forever hold your peace! Yeah, something like that. (Especially if you don't blog. Hur hur.)

What is a beauty pageant without a swimwear parade?

To the organisers of Miss Singapore World, cutting or reducing the pageant staple may inject much-needed respectability to the contest.

Earlier this year, Miss World CEO Julia Morley slammed the local pageant as "having a showgirl club image".

In January, businessman Raymund Ooi, 46, was appointed by the Miss World title owners to run the local franchise.

Since then, Mr Ooi has been making changes, intending to bring the shine back to the pageant.

Mr Ooi, owner of event company Limelite Productions, told The Straits Times that the organisers will either cut or reduce the swimwear segment to "a quick walk-through".

Other changes introduced by Mr Ooi included a greater focus on community work and showcasing the contestants' intellectual abilities.

At a press conference in Sentosa's Wave House yesterday to unveil this year's 20 finalists, Mr Ooi said the judges will evaluate the contestants' physiques at a separate beach event instead of at the final show.

The final will be held at Suntec City in September.

From Asiaone, "No swimwear for Miss Singapore World pageant?".

The chief executive of Miss World has appointed events company owner Mr Raymund Ooi to revamp the Miss Singapore World franchise.

Mr Ooi, whose career in events organisation spans 20 years, plans to make the pageant a much more classy affair which demonstrates the intelligence of its contestants.

The pageants of the past seven years were previously organised by Mr Alex Liu, managing director of ERM World Marketing.

British chairman and chief executive of Miss World, Ms Julia Morley had spoken against the poor quality of the pageant and its contestants, saying that it has been "diluted to such a degree here that [she didn't] recognise it any more".

Mr Ooi say the revamp includes a possible increase to the cash prize, making it $40,000, classical music performances, and also a collaboration with social welfare organisations.

He told The Sunday Times: "I'm not going to rely on flashy ads and marketing campaigns to win Singaporeans back to this event."

From Asiaone, "CEO of Miss World shocked by standards here". (30/01/11)


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