A mentally retarded boy momentarily abandoned by his father (Why is the name of his father not mentioned?)

Yes. I am disappointed that the name of the father who momentarily abandoned his 16-year-old mentally retarded boy is not mentioned in the article.

Puh-leaze...surely it is not to protect the identity of the victim.

The boy's father ought to be humiliated!

He refused to fetch his son despite repeated phone calls as his son was abandoned at Kranji MRT station!

He does not fit to call himself a father...

Hi there, Monster!

A 16-year-old mentally retarded boy was momentarily "abandoned" at Kranji MRT station yesterday.

The boy's father refused to fetch his son despite repeated phone calls.

The incident happened at around 5.50pm.

The boy was said to have visited a friend nearby and was to meet his parents at the MRT station. However, arrived 15 minutes later than the time he was told.

A bus inspector, Mr Liang, found the boy crying and tried to help.

Mr Liang found the contact details of the boy's father in the mobile phone he was carrying. He rang the number, but was told by the man on the other line that he would not come and fetch the boy.

He said: "I called the number six times and spoke to the father for 10 minutes. I repeatedly asked him to fetch the boy, and offered to hail a taxi to send the boy home, but he refused."

The father told Mr Liang: "I don't want him already. I cannot forgive him!" He then told Mr Liang to call the police if he did not know what to do.

Subsequently, the police were contacted, and were able to get in touch with a cousin of the boy, who came to pick him up at 6.15pm.

Child abandonment carries a jail term of up to seven years and/or a fine.

From Asiaone, "Mentally disabled boy abandoned at MRT station".


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