Life in India and the Singhsons

The above clip is titled, "LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem Parody: Life In India". Heh. As per this morning (1050 hrs), the YouTube clip has gathered 60,072 views. Impressive as the

A two-and-a-half-minute music video parody on living in India is a big hit online.

Ingeniously titled "Life In India", the YouTube music video is a parody of the fist-pumping club favourite, Party Rock Anthem by dance duo LMFAO.

Uploaded by GeekSlayer73 three weeks ago, it shows a young Indian man jiving enthusiastically to the music while declaring his love for his country and all things Indian. As of Friday afternoon, it has been viewed 26,000 times.

Despite cringe-worthy lyrics such as "Life in India is fun tonight, everybody grab a bowl of rice", users have described the parody as being so bad, it's good.

YouTube user Vksan wrote, "You just killed the song dude... but I LOVE it lol".

Another user, Edfrost, predicted: "I guess this video is getting 1million views".

It's not the first time "Geekslayer73" has parodied a video or celebrity. On his official Facebook channel, Jay Karamchand describes himself as someone who likes to "make music video parodies, skits, and comedic ads. Though many of my videos are about Indians, they are all jokes and are not serious."

His official website also showcases his other personas in which he parodies Justin Bieber and hit songs by US hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas. Combined, his YouTube videos have received over 100,000 views.

Partially quoted from Yahoo! News, "Hilarious music video makes waves online".

And since we're in the India-related Youtube clip, do check out this cute video, "The Singhsons (Indian Simpsons spoof)":

One of the comments worthy to reproduced here is from one nahor88. S/he said, "I'm Indian and I thought this was f***ing hilarious! People need to learn to laugh at themselves."


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